Thursday, January 22, 2009

feeling sentimental

This is Abigail and her best friend, Elise. Since we moved here, these two have been pretty much inseperable.

Elise's younger sister, Eva, is Juliet's favorite little friend in the world. Every morning, Juliet runs to the front door and checks to see if Eva is outside. When they see each other in church, both wave wildly and chortle with joy. Even if they look a little uncertain here.

I love the fact that the girls have such good friends (and it's even nicer that they're sisters, because our playdates rock!), but sometimes I really worry about the shock to both Abigail and Juliet when their friends move, which (sadly for us, but not for them) will probably be fairly soon.

Seriously...what will they do without their inseperable little playmates?

And then I watch Abigail and Juliet playing together, and I realize...that's what sisters are for.
Seriously, my heart just melted this morning watching Abigail trudge around with this sled loaded up with a fat little Juliet (especially when she heaved an enormous tired sigh and said, "Okay Julesie...the ride is over. Time to get off," and then I dumped them both on and we ran around reeree fast). And I love how excited Abigail is for this next baby, primarily because she sees Jules as such a good playmate that she's ready and willing to welcome another one. And I love the fact that Juliet sticks her hand inside her shirt, puffs it out from her body, and walks around saying, "baaay-beee." Love it.


Brittanie said...

I know these feelings well. Reagan still talkes about Mia and Gracie and Ashby. Just two weeks ago she asked (yet again) if we could call her friends in Indiana to come play. Good friends are awesome and moving can be very hard.

Kritta22 said...

Oh my goodness! that is sooo cute! I love that they play so well together.

Do we get to see a baby bump picture?

Elise Decker said...

that picture of abigail pulling jules in the sled reminds me of something from little house on the prairie

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