Friday, January 30, 2009

germ warfare

This is what I find myself wondering most children spend their lives in a perpetual boost-the-immune-system state of fighting off one illness after another, or do my children have this little sticky light that says, "Hey germs! Me! Pick me!!!"

Because seriously, I'm so tired of everyone being sick. Constantly. And I'm tired of cancelling playdates, and missing parties, and skipping outings, and being at home...sick. It's pretty sad when I look forward to standing around in the snow at the bus stop--at 6:45 a.m.--because I am out of the house.

Today: last day of pinkeye medication.
Today: three days since our last pediatrician's visit.
Today: day Abigail was diagnosed with tonsillitis.
Today: day I go certifiably insane, from a combination of cabin fever and a brain overload caused by remembering dosages and administration schedules for nine different pills, sprays, and syringe-delivered medications.

I just hope we're better next week, because I have something every single night, plus the first major projects are coming in from both classes. It is, in terms of grading, the hardest week of the entire semester.

Oh well. At least my house is clean. And for sick little monkeys, my children are cheerful, happy, and willing to go along with whatever inane occupation my desperate brain has come up with this time.


Rachel Mae said...

Maybe your house is too clean! Just kidding (referencing the article I blogged about today). Seriously, that sucks. I'm sorry. I'm hoping with you that you all get well soon.

Crapos said...

Very sorry, honey. Being sick is so no fun. So that you don't feel all alone - We had just arrived at Wal-Mart for the weekly grocery shopping when I discovered that Madoc had thrown up all over himself. Oh joy.

Heatherbelle said...

I hear ya sister! We have had parallel weeks it seems what with all the sickness, except that my house is not even close to clean and my child has definately not been cheerful! Hope next week is better for all of us!

danielle said...

Oh goodness. I'm sorry. Maybe you should just give everyone an "A" and save yourself the trouble. Just kidding...but sort of not;)

Hope you feel better soon!!!

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