Monday, January 19, 2009

in the kitchen with Neil

One of the great things about being married to Neil is that he not only appreciates great food, but he's more than happy to prepare it as well as enjoy it.

After Christmas, our kitchen was freshly stocked with a few new goodies that made cooking a little more exciting, including a spring form pan and a Microplane zester, among others (small plug: that thing is AMAZING, and many thanks to Mary Beth for being the gifter thereof!) Consequently, Neil spent a good portion of Saturday immersed in a recipe he's apparently been longing to try for ages--a key lime cheesecake, complete with a lime-infused crust and a delicate lime curd topping. And let me tell you--no man has ever zested so many limes with so much joy. The results were delicious.

I also surprised Neil this week with a little appliance love--his very own panini press, since he's been wistfully recalling the paninis we made with the one we gave my parents. He was overjoyed and made himself--and anyone else who would eat one--three paninis within the first twenty-four hours after opening the box (I gave him this cookbook earlier, which has some fantastic ideas and recipes, including instructions for making your own breads, mayonnaises, and chutneys--just to really elevate your panini from fantastic to sublime).

So today for dinner I made everyone eat lentils, as sort of a cheesecake/avocado/roast beef/Swiss cheese/etc. detox. And wouldn't you know it? He gobbled those up too.

He's such a lovely man to cook for. And cook with. (and did I mention he cooked up an exotic lamb dish for dinner on Sunday while I was taking a luxurious late nap?)


Katrina said...

that cheesecake looks DELISH!

Kritta22 said...

My mouth is watering!

Can we come over for dinner next Sunday?

Cris, Jon, Austin and Ethan said...

That looks soooooo yummy!

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