Tuesday, January 06, 2009

a jam for all seasons

Today as I was creating a new folder on the computer for this year's pictures, I suddenly found the disappearing pictures from last Christmas. Including such gems as this.

Anyway, on to the real post. Yesterday I was looking through some old pictures, and dreaming about spring again--right now everything is drizzly and icy and wet--as Abigail said, it's a yuck day. But then again, even if we can't actually pick blueberries for lunch...

...isn't it nice that there's such a thing as homemade jam in the world?

It makes those yuck days so much sweeter.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful children. But no wonder--great genes.

When we were giving Elise nebulizer treatments I just held her and we let her scream. The deep breaths in between sobs were ideal for the treatment. Meghan says they have elephant masks instead. But I say the good-old-fashioned meanie of a dad does great.

Love you,

Elise Decker said...

sometimes that picture of abigail characterizes how i feel on yuck days....but we had a wonderful dinner to make it better!

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