Monday, January 12, 2009

Juliet reimagines the beret

One of my most well-worn pieces is a battered felt beret I bought in Paris from a little shop just below the steps climbing up to the Sacré-Cœur. A winter staple, I pull it down snugly over my ears whenever I go outside--like this morning at 6:40 am when I headed out through the starlit snow to catch the bus to campus. Needless to say, it lost the classic beret shape long ago.

Juliet has discovered it over the past week, and rejoices in running around with it half over her eyes like a little mushroom head.

Don't you just love this kid?


Meghan said...

Did you wear your new snow boots through the starlight snow? (I now have your old Land's End ones from your early teens in my car--Rosalind's using mine, but I think they fit her better, anyway).

Rachael said...

you bet I did! I changed when I got to campus, but I was crunch crunch crunching in those boots all the way, and was VERY grateful for the super tread when I was crossing icy parking lots and the highway.

Crapos said...

I love cute kids and yours are some of the cutest.

Meghan said...

You cross the HIGHWAY! OK, my mother hen instincts just kicked in. Where do you cross? Do you need a big red flag? Couldn't you stay on the bus until it comes back on your side of the street?

Rachael said...

Sorry, Mom...the bus comes on the other side of the highway. But it's not that busy that early in the morning...I just have to be careful when I cross. :-)

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