Friday, January 16, 2009

oh boy

if my family was suddenly transformed into something else, kind of like in Kafka's The Metamorphosis, I think we would all become fruit bats. just sayin'. this pile hasn't even lasted us a week.

And the first week of the semester is finishing up! I'm glad it's a three-day weekend; it's been an exhausting week. Abigail started preschool two days a week, and she has been loving it (of course!) I've worked my way through a fairly hefty stack of grading, we've all been taking lots of naps with our new super-early schedules, and we've kept up on exercising, family scripture study, and the like. And I had my first rehearsal for this ward dinner theater thing I'm doing--it's a fundraiser to help pay for the camps for the youth this summer. I admit, I'm kind of nervous--I haven't done any acting since my senior year of high school, and I'm supposed to be Cindy Crawford (also, I'm really nervous about being some man-eater character and interacting in said character with audience members while my husband is watching. It will be interesting, but I think the whole thing will be fun, and it's for a good cause. And I never like to turn down church things, even though this isn't actually a calling. But I'm still really nervous).

I must say, I've been proud of both Neil and I for exercising really early in the mornings. Somehow it's so much harder to get out of bed on the mornings when you don't have to be up at the crack of dawn, and especially when it is TWELVE BELOW. It is so cold here. Seriously, it's really cold. Our heating bill was over $200 last month (stupid cruddy insulation on this house!) and we are paying that much money to wear two layers of sweaters rather than three (as I type this I'm wearing two sweaters and sheepskin slippers over my socks. We're even wearing sweaters and socks to bed). I miss fall.

I really have nothing to say, because I am tired and I want to go curl up with my current book (Anna Karenina) and take a nap so I am rested for our date tonight (racquetball and weight-lifting, hurray! And then probably some yummy food to negate all those burned-up calories).

Oh, but I do have one question for all of you. Does anyone else brush their teeth in the shower? I always thought it was a good time-saving idea, but Neil thinks it's a little weird. But I did find out that my brother-in-law does the same thing, but his wife thinks it's weird too. So does anyone else do it? (try it, it's an excuse to stay in that nice hot water that much longer...)

And another useless confession--last night I made jambalaya for dinner, and there were a lot of dishes, and instead of doing them while the jambalaya cooked I made oatmeal-raisin that Neil would do the dishes later. And then I ate about four cookies after I finished running. They were really good really, really good.


Crapos said...

that was completely random but strangely entertaining

Elise Decker said...

sometimes i brush my teeth in the shower and i like it a lot! i'm not very good at not dribbling toothpaste on myself usually, so it's nice not to have to worry about it....i think it's a smart idea!

sarah said...

i brush my teeth just after I get out of the shower. I always thought it was kind of hill-billy to brush your teeth actually in the shower.

The Waltz Family said...

Usually I brush my teeth out of the shower, but I have done it a few times while in there. I think I read somewhere that Jennifer Aniston brushes her teeth while in the shower too. So hey, it just depends on the person!

Mary Beth said...

Brushing your teeth in the shower seems more efficient, but I don't think I could handle leaving my toothbrush IN the shower. Or remembering to bring it there every morning and fetch it out again afterwards.

Rachael said...

I don't leave it in the shower--I'm pretty OCD about taking it out again. and now that I think about it, when I brush my teeth at night, like Elise says, I'm way more likely to get toothpaste all over myself.

Jenn Anderson said...

I brush my teeth in the shower because if I don't, I will drip toothpaste on my shirt, and run even later than I already am to figure out something else to wear.

Anonymous said...

I would have never known or imagined. What a bizarre thing to do, but at least it is brushing? Does one floss in the shower as well?

When is your play? Sounds like fun.

Love you all,

Kritta22 said...

I used to brush my teeth in the shower when I was prego because I would gag myself with the tooth brush every time.
But if the toothbrush and everything is in there, you might as well use the water!!

I don't judge either way.

Although it does leave a gross scum on the tub but if you are the one cleaning, you go girl!

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