Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a room with a view

One of the features of this house that I'm not crazy about from an aesthetic standpoint but have grown to love from a parenting standpoint is the "window" cut through from the kitchen to the living room. I can supervise playtime while I'm washing lunch dishes or cooking dinner, barricade the kids out of the kitchen while I'm canning and still keep an eye on their wellbeing, and finish up dinner preparations without feeling like I'm totally deserting a roomful of guests.

Plus, on lucky days I'm treated to Juliet's post-meal dance-o-rama. I usually have NPR going in the background, and today Julesie totally cut loose to Franz Joseph Haydn's "Tatrai Quartet" (incidentally, if you tune in right now, you'll catch the "G Minor Adagio," one of my all-time favorites--which actually was introduced incorrectly on NPR, since it's really by Remo Giazotto and based on an Albinoni fragment. There's your bit of musical trivia for the day...but if you haven't heard it, go back and click on that link so you can listen. Beautiful...just beautiful).

This, my friends, is why I keep a camera close by--so I can capture moments of sheer toddler joy like these.


Ruth said...

In the third picture it looks like she could be doing some kind of air guitar variation. Way to start young!

Kritta22 said...

She is so fun! I just wanna kiss her bunches!! How are you guys feeling now?

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