Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today I am grateful for:
  • antibiotics for pinkeye
  • "just" gastrointestinal horribleness rather than appendicitis
  • a negative strep test
  • friends who babysit Juliet at two seconds' notice
  • being inside now = no more falling on icy sidewalks
  • that I have a husband who will eventually at some point come home tonight
  • someday spring will come again
  • that my description of today is in my journal rather than on my blog


Mary Beth said...

*hugs tight*

Spring will come. So will tomorrow. Hope it's a better day for you.

Meghan said...

Well that's quite a list of teasers. Hope tomorrow is better--remember Scarlett.

danielle said...

Oh shoot! I am sorry. Saying a little prayer for you!

Meghan said...

Sorry, sweetheart, I missed your voice mail yesterday and didn't get it until 6:30 this morning--I chose not to call back right then. I'll call you when I think you're back from class. But not at naptime.

Rachael said...

Mom--actually 6:30 wouldn't have been a bad time to call, since I was up and getting ready for work anyway. but I'll talk to you later...although the kids'naps have been extending. Yesterday, due to the doctor kerfluffle, they fell asleep a little before 3 and slept until just before 5.

Kritta22 said...

Oh my goodness, it sounds like a horrible day!

I hope today was better!

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