Saturday, February 21, 2009

dinner theater recap (first night, at least)

So we (finally!) had our first dinner theater performance last night--I thought it
actually went really well! It was definitely a relief to be able to perform and sort of get it over with, rather than just stressing about it constantly (although I dreamed about running my lines ALL NIGHT last night). The thing that was most scary for me was the idea of pretending to flirt with all the guys there--my character was supposed to be Cindy Crawford--I think it would have been fine if I hadn't actually known anyone, but since everyone was in our stake (and mostly from our ward), it was pretty intimidating--especially with my husband watching (and laughing). Make that really, really intimidating.

Neil came last night, so he took a couple of pictures; unfortunately, it was pretty dark so only one (sulky-looking, unfortunately) at the show actually turned out (although since I had four paparrazzi (some of the Young Men) following me around all night and taking pictures constantly, there could be a good four thousand pictures out there that I don't know about). It was pretty fun having an excuse to go totally over the top with my clothes and makeup--sequins, huge rhinestone earrings, lots of bracelets and necklaces, bright red lipstick, the whole nine yards. Abigail, of course, now wishes that I dressed like that every day.

We got lots of laughs, lots of compliments afterwards, and LOTS of donations for the YM/YW camp programs this summer, so I'm really excited about that--it was so nice to hear those totals after the show and realize that as silly as we may have felt onstage, we were doing something really awesome to benefit the youth programs.

The most exhausting part for me was the clue-giving--the stuff onstage was fine, but we spent a total of 70 minutes out in the audience running from table to table dropping clues about the other characters (the premise of the show was that it was a 25-year high school reunion, and one of the cast members had tried to murder a late-arriving guest). By the end of the night, my arches were aching so much that I couldn't walk without my heels on, and most of us just sort of slumped into chairs and lay around like wet noodles.

But it was still fun, even if it was terrifying at times and totally exhausting by the end, and I hope everything goes well tonight (and hopefully someone else took better pictures that I can post here eventually).


Elise Decker said...

that is so exciting! I'm glad that it went really well, and that Abigail was able to see you all Fancy Nancied!

Kritta22 said...

You are one hot mama!!! Ow Oww!

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