Sunday, February 08, 2009

eighteen months old

At eighteen months, Juliet is enchanting, curious, and willful as they come. She's also extremely attached to her "bee" (blanket), her "hippo hippo," and retreats to her den in the laundry room (nesting on the snow boot tray) when her feelings are hurt. She loves reading stories, delights in Lincoln Logs, chatters nonstop, and has not met the furniture that she cannot climb. Jules refuses to back down or give in, and is often found holding on ferociously (and being dragged across the room) to a toy to which Abigail has laid prior claim and is trying vainly to rescue from Juliet's vice grip. She has us all constantly alternating between a state of clenched-teeth frustration and sheer hilarity. And last but not least, Juliet never ceases to amaze with new skills and competencies, and we often comment on how she'll be a total genius, if all of us can survive her sure-to-be-wild childhood/adolescence. I am head over heels for this child.

Not the most flattering of shots, but it does show off her enchanting eyes (and a mouthful of carrots).

The hair, unfortunately, (since my sisters are always asking hopefully!) continues to be rather unmanageable. Once I tried to put the curls into a little ponytail and she looked like a Mafia child.

Today was her first day of nursery--her teachers told us later that they wished all children behaved so well, and that she sat quietly in her chair, followed instructions, and never shed a tear. Hurrah!

Juliet meets cookies: not a sight for the faint-hearted (and the floor received its second sweeping and mopping of the day).

But as is the nature of eighteen-month-olds, just when you think you can't take any more drama, mess, and general upheaval, they're so darn cute that you sweep them up in your arms and vow that you could have a hundred more children if they were all as darling as this one.

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Elise Decker said...

she is ADORABLE--and I really like the pink dress she is wearing

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