Tuesday, February 24, 2009

enjoying the days

Jules a year ago

I feel really lucky right now to be at a stage with both kids where they're just plain fun. Sure, we have the occasional day (like yesterday) where Juliet's like a lamprey attached to my leg, but by and large I spend most of the time chuckling to myself. It's nice to have two little people who are not just on predictable sleeping and eating schedules, but are also actual little people with fascinating and winsome personalities.
For instance, this morning I had trouble concentrating on the aerobics routine because I was so entranced by the picture of Juliet diligently doing squats in time with the instructor (I kept looking around to see if anyone else had noticed--my kid is so awesome! Hee hee!)

Or later in the car I laughed to myself while Abigail launched on a long involved explanation of how sometimes "cookie" really DOES start with a T, because when Juliet asks for a cookie, she always says "tuh-tee."

This could be a much more detailed and eloquent post (especially since I've been thinking about this a lot lately), but I have other things to do...like join in the laugh-fest going on behind me as the girls look at each other in close-up through a set of backwards kiddie binoculars.
Oh--we find out the baby's gender tomorrow. Any guesses?


Elise Decker said...

OH MY GOODNESS, I AM SO EXCITED!!! and i'm not guessing, cause i don't want to be wrong--but a girl would be nice, cause i don't think anyone in our family would know what to do with a boy!! and i'm glad you and the girls are so happy and having so much fun together!

Crapos said...

I vote for a boy, because they're so fun and absolutely different from girls. But hey, if it's a girl, no new clothes to buy!

Mary Beth said...

A boy would be WEIRD. But exciting. And hey, you could beat Jordan!

That said, my guess is a girl, 'cause you don't mess with a winning streak. :D

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