Wednesday, February 11, 2009

favorite Christmas present

First of all, thank you all so much for your comments on the last posts! Great food for thought--thanks again!

not my boots exactly, but pretty close for a Google-ized image

Neil asked me a few days after Christmas what my favorite present was, and I told him it was too earlier to tell.

After this morning, it's official: the Columbia boots my parents gave me. They've been my loyal companions through deep snow, keeping my toes toasty warm in sub-zero temperatures. And now they've further proved themselves after I waded through torrential rain (literally--my pants were splashed to the knee) to the bus.

Oh boots, I love you!

And everyone else who gave me a gift this year, I love them too. I just happen to be feeling particularly appreciative today that I am not shivering from cold like everyone else in my classroom, because my feet are DRY! and WARM! (this is especially exciting because all last semester, I was shivering and miserable because my fashionable high-heeled dress boots also happened to let in so much water that I could literally feel the water welling up between my toes with each step).

What was your favorite present this year? And if you wore snow boots to work, would you bring other shoes to change into when you got there? (I did the first couple weeks of the semester, but then the effort of lugging them along too with a briefcase full of papers and books conquered my shoe vanity. Plus I'm lecturing behind a podium setup anyway. But I do keep surreptitiously checking out the footwear of passing professors to see what they're wearing.)


Mary Beth said...

I really like my new baking sheet that Ruth gave me!

Elise Decker said...

i was actually thinking today of writing a blog post in honor of my nine west boots that mom and dad got me...

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