Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I feel like I need to blog just because there are so many ideas/thoughts whizzing around in my head. Must! Set! Free!
  • It's warm! I want to go dig holes all over my yard and plant things. Except it's still so squishy that yesterday when we were playing on the swingset my tennis shoes got soaked, just from standing there and pushing swings.
  • There's a girl in our ward who teaches a free aerobics class at the church every single weekday. I love her for this, and every class I wish that I too could be an aerobics instructor, because how cool is it to give something like that to people? Every day.
  • After living in this house for more than two years, I finally have a grip on how to balance keeping the house clean with keeping my sanity and spending enough time with the kids. Good thing another baby's coming soon before I get too complacent.
  • Do you have a husband who remembers to fold the laundry while he's feeding the kids breakfast? I do. I love him dearly.
  • My former college roommate and dear friend Jen is coming to visit me for spring break (how fortunate are we that both of our spring breaks coincided!), and we are going to have so much fun.
  • Tonight for dinner I'm making red beans and rice. This is a meal that I always refused to eat whenever my mom made it, so I really hope that it's one of those things I just refused to eat out of principle because it looked Mexican, and I never ate Mexican food until Neil and I got married. Nor did I eat onions, or mushrooms, or garlic, or lots of other things that I can't live without now.
  • Did you know Neil proposed to me four weeks after we started dating? And then we got married ten weeks later?
  • I want to recover this futon sitting behind me, but I'm a little nervous about a project that big. Any tips?
  • All my March magazines have articles about gardening and making dinners with fresh seasonal veggies. It's torture, I tell you.
  • Whenever I'm pregnant I have very vivid dreams. Some highlights from the last three days: someone abandoning kittens at our doorstep, which then proceeded to defecate all over our house, so I put Juliet's diapers on them; the world economy totally tanking and resulting in mass looting and total anarchy, and I kept wishing I'd ordered more powdered milk for our food storage; random neighbors stopping by and inviting themselves in right when I was about to put the kids down for naps, and being very irritated that they wouldn't leave so that I could go lie down too. One of my favorite things about actually having the baby is having a peaceful night's sleep and not waking up in the middle of the night terrified/irate/confused (Neil also really likes this, because half the time I dream he's left me for another woman because I'm pregnant, and I've been known to wake him up by hitting him in my sleep).
  • Another thing I look forward to about having a baby: being able to ring a bell and someone brings you food in the middle of the night. Food that you did not prepare, nor do you have to wash the dishes afterwards. Hospitals aren't so bad when you think about it that way.
  • I really like BLTs. And string cheese.
  • Everyone always asks me when I'm going to do a Ph.D. in English, and guess what? I don't really want to do a Ph.D. in English. I would rather (a) get a Ph.D. in finance and teach, (b) be a financial planner, or (c) go to cooking school. Neil's vote is (c).
  • This weekend we're going to my parents' so that we can see Rosalind's musical. Abigail is going to go with us for the first time, and you would think someone had handed her the moon. She is thrilled.
  • Tomorrow I'm planning on making pink snickerdoodles with Abigail to hand out as Valentine's treats to her preschool class. I'm really looking forward to this.
  • Speaking of preschool, I'm having the most enormous inner debate about whether to send Abigail next year or not. I only signed her up for three months this year, and while it's been nice to have only one chickadee for a few hours twice a week, I really don't want to commit to four days a week for three hours kind of thing, because quite frankly, I don't want her gone that much, and I think Juliet would go crazy with missing her. But on the other hand, our school district ONLY offers all-day kindergarten, and I'm really worried about her going away for 7 hours a day when she's been at home free to do whatever she wants. Plus it seems like here preschool is practically required in order to have all the skills to start kindergarten, which is now more like first grade. And last thing--it's quite expensive, enough so that we'd be using the money to pay for preschool that's currently being diverted into both Abigail and Juliet's college funds (not that we're really socking it away at an insane rate, but still). Any thoughts?

okay...I think I'm all written out now.


Crapos said...

Personally, I don't like preschool. I feel like there is too much of a push to get kids out of the home and into the school. I know that it's because they want kids to excel and not fall behind, but is there really any proof that adding 1-3 more years of school to the 13 they're already required to do helps at all? And Abigail falls in the same category as Sadie - smart with parents devoted to teaching her. If she knows the ABCs, can count to 20, and spell her name she'll already be ahead of half the kids in her class. I think staying at home with mom is a far better preparation for school and life in general than going to preschool. And so long as she's used to going to Primary and staying at friends' homes with other adults, I don't think she'll have too much of a problem with staying at school. But that's just my opinion. I don't think there's anything wrong with parents who DO send their kids to preschool. It just seems to me that there has been a trend towards adding more school and more work for kids, significantly changing childhood from what it used to be, without actually seeing a rise in test scores or aptitude. And this is all kind of jumbled and disorganized but there it is.

Sarah Harward said...

If you're interested in doing a joy school type of thing, I really want to do it again with Landon. He'll be five in Aug, but he'll miss the kindergarten cut off (thank goodness, one more year for me! I'm not ready for school yet) Also, from what I've heard, half day kindergarten is still an option (at least it was this year, and you have to pay for full day kindergarten) Anyway, think about the joy school thing. I'm thinking one, maybe two days a week (I'm leaning towards two days a week since Landon will be turning 5).

Kristyn said...

4 days a week for preschool is a lot! We are doing joy school this year (2 days a week, 2 hours). Next year I'll probably put Travis in the park & rec preschool but it's the same amount of hours. A few hours away is okay, but I think 4 days for 3 hours is too much!

Katrina said...

what is it with pregnancy and vivid dreams? Strange what our hormones do.

Rachel Mae said...

I too want to recover our futon. Well, I really want to buy a new couch, but recovering the futon is me trying to live on a tighter budget. Also, I may get lazy and just buy a new futon cover. But do tell me if you find any good information (I haven't been motivated to look yet.)

Meghan said...

I totally agree with the first commenter (very well put). I don't think having one more year home with the family is injurious. I think she'll start kindergarten well-prepared, and she can pick up anything she missed in preschool. What she will get from you is far more significant than anything she might miss.

Elise Decker said...

personally, i treasure my early childhood memories of staying home, playing with my little sister and having a loving and teaching mom--school was exciting to start, but it was always a relief to get home and play, so i would probably never trade in those happy, carefree memories for ones locked up in a school (even if i would have had fun in school then, i'm sure i had much more fun at home) and none of us went to pre-school, but we're still pretty dang smart, huh?

Dani said...

Gracie only has preschool three days a week and it's only for 2 1/2 hours. She loves it and it's been a great confidence builder for her. I put her in because I was worried about all-day kindergarten as well. I've loved that she's had the opportunity to make friends outside of our church as well. It's been really good for her. I don't know that preschool has done much for her academically, but socially it's been wonderful. She gets structure and learns important social skills that are difficult to build with playdates. That being said, I've also done Joy School with her and LOVED that. Every child is different, so it really comes down to what you would feel is most beneficial for Abigail. I can see definite benefits either way.

Mary Beth said...

Judging from the comments, it looks like people are pretty much going to recommend whatever they've done/are doing with their kids. So my (belated) recommendation is that you just think about what's most important to you: having just one kid at home for while Abigail learns some social skills (which probably mostly consist of nasty habits...), or having an extra year with your daughter before she goes to school?

...Wow, that was totally not objective at all. >.>

Rachael said...

guess what MB...it will be two kids at home. :-)

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