Monday, February 23, 2009

last photos of dinner theater

what we came up with when the photographer said "be goofy." don't you think my arms look weirdly skeletal? ick.

A couple more dinner theater photos, and then I'm done...

I forgot to mention before that the whole thing had an '80s theme. So all the characters were supposed to be famous people from the '80s, with a slight twist (read on and you'll see what I mean). In these photos, from left to right, we have the director (who also wrote the play), Joe Nebraska, Max Powers, Michael J. Facts, Nick Nixon, Danny Drums, Principal Adam Zapel (say it out loud), and the assistant director. Front row: Hall monitor Sherry Johnson (the narrator, who had a MILLION lines and was fabulous!), Natalie Nebraska, Pamela Abdul, Cindy Crawfish (that would be me), and Molly Ringworm. We had all the stereotyped characters--the athlete, the nerd, the band guy, the punk, the politician, the drama queen, the dance captain, the cheerleader, and whatever you would call my character, because I'm not really sure (man-eater is probably pretty accurate). In any case, one thing I really enjoyed was just getting to know so many other people in the ward--they tried for a cast that covered a wide range of ages, so it wasn't just newlyweds or young parents or older members, but a great mix. I got the chance to get to know people that I haven't really talked to in the 3 years we've been here, simply because we just don't cross paths much outside of church.

When they first came in to the "commons" area, all the guests were given a nametag with a photo from an '80s yearbook and a silly name like Beau Tye or Anita Bath. There was also a slideshow running in the corner with ward members' high school photos, a band (comprised of the youth) playing in the corner, etc. The cast mingled with the guests for about half an hour before the play started, establishing our characters and generally being obnoxious (my character was "famous enough" so that I got to have my own entrance with theme music, which was a lot more fun the second night when I wasn't so nervous). The whole thing was really cute, and I think everyone had a good time.

This shot was supposed to be everyone in character...more or less.

Oh, and if you want to know about the decorations (which were pretty sweet), you can get an idea of what they looked like here. If you click on (and enlarge) the sixth photo down you can see my face Photoshopped onto Cindy Crawford's body. I liked looking at that poster and pretending it was real. :-) Too bad I didn't ask to take it home.

And last but not least, here's my understudy, who insisted on watching me put on my jewelry and curl my hair every night, and refused to venture from my side until I was out the door (as you can see, once I gave in and let her wear some sweet '80s lipstick). She watched with great sadness when all the jewelry went back to its real owners, but gleefully rejoiced that the sequined jacket (a Goodwill find) got to stay at our house. Oh, and the green on her cheek? That would be from a snowflake stamp...apparently she decided to decorate herself while she was watching me.

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Elise Decker said...

wow, that looked like it turned out REALLY, REALLY well, Rachael! Awesome job! And Abigail super cute in that costume!

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