Sunday, February 08, 2009

photo essay

I've been pretty bad about uploading my pictures lately, so here's a smattering of eight all at once.

We've been enjoying the afternoon sun as the days get a little longer--it's perfect for dancing after naps.

And speaking of dancing, on Saturday night we had a houseful of six little girls. Six. I think Neil felt a little overwhelmed.

The symphony on Friday was so fun--the kids ate Goldfish and started begging to go home after the first two songs. Neil and I hushed them with more Goldfish and tried to focus on Gershwin and Beethoven. Of course, the song both kids liked the most (and even Juliet started singing) was the gimmicky one that Neil and I found most obnoxious. Due to Abigail and Juliet's superior memories and vocal facility, it's been stuck in everyone's heads all weekend.

On Saturday it warmed up so much that all our snow melted (slush! mud!) and we ventured outside for a blissful sunny walk, then launched a kite up into the blustery skies while our baguettes baked inside.

And today I finally took a picture of my expanding baby stomach (note: every time Abigail mentions "the baby in Mommy's tummy," Juliet lifts up my shirt and checks to make sure the baby isn't hiding there. I think she's convinced that Abigail is just playing a trick on her). With both Abigail and Juliet, I never took pictures until the day before I was due, so this time I vowed to actually document it a bit better. I wish I'd done this the first time around, because I'm definitely noticing that by the third pregnancy, my stomach muscles have happily thrown in the towel months ago. Oh well.

Anyway, here is the "before" shot in October (sorry about the workout clothes)...

...and the 17-week shot now. Notice how my head isn't in either of them? That's because when someone else takes the picture I never know what to do with my arms (can't have them in front of my stomach) so it ends up just being easier to take it myself. Plus, it has the added bonus of making me stand up straighter and then I look skinnier than I do in real life when I'm slouchy and tired).

And I promise my skirt isn't really that least, I hope the color combo wasn't that bad at church today.


Ruth said...

Umm I'm definitely not pregnant and my stomach looks like the "after" picture. Maybe it's that beef chimichanga I accidentally bought from the vending machine last week when all I wanted was the strawberry popsicle...

Elise Decker said...

abigail looks soooo grown up!

Rachael said...

yes ruth, because we all believe you look pregnant, oh thou who was force-fed ice cream every day to keep you from being deathly skinny...maybe it's that kidney stone scare again, eh?

Katrina said...

So before I scrolled down all the way I thought you were going to say that first photo is your current belly. And I was going to have to come through the computer screen and knock you upside the head for suggesting you were showing at all. But I do see the ever so slight bulge in the second photo. I loved taking photos of my growing belly. Now when I look at the pictures where I thought I was showing I see how little I really was. Now everything is just squishy. Perhaps some crunches are in order.

Kritta22 said...

LOLI love all those pictures!

I can't believe how much Abigail has grown up in the few months I've 'known' you.

Love the bump! Hi Baby!!

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