Wednesday, March 04, 2009

all year long

Christmas All Year Long
tips courtesy of Juliet, as taught by Abigail

Materials Needed:
  • one long Lincoln Log
  • one Lincoln Log barrel
  1. Insert one end of the Lincoln Log into the barrel.
  2. Shake vigorously, making a bell-like noise (use your imagination)
  3. Sing loudly as follows," Din-do-beh, din-do-beh" (jingle bells, jingle bells).

I about died laughing when I first heard this. The best part about my little virtuosos--both of them actually have pretty good pitch, so songs are first recognizable for the melody rather than the words. And boy howdy, do they know melodies and inflections (if you've ever heard Abigail sing "Part of Your World," you'll know what I'm talking about).

My current favorite (from both kids) is the yodeling song from The Sound of Music. I sing it a lot, because it's so fun, and it always cracks me up when the kids start doing it spontaneously. Abigail's got the words and melody down pat; Jules just chortles away "yooo-layyyy-eeeeee--ooooh..."

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Elise Decker said...

Tonight my friends were acting out/singing "part of your world" and I just kept thinking that Abigail can sing it better! :)

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