Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Neil and I bought a fire-thingie during our date on Friday night. We've been debating whether or not to dig a firepit in our yard for a long time (pros: cheaper and generally preferred, cons: no convenient spot/possible drawback for future buyers). So we bought one after three years of debate, and then we happily burned all the old documents we've been lugging around for the last six years because I refused to throw them out and have someone steal our identity (yes, a shredder would have worked well too). And then we started burning the old fence that was here when we moved in and was our first rip-it-out project (speaking of projects, I'm thinking of painting the laundry room kelly green--what thinkest thou?)

Anyway. We burned things. And roasted marshmallows.

And then the kids ran around and got a real kick of going down the slide in the dark, and Neil and I toasted each other marshmallows and kissed over by the fire. It was a lovely evening.

(then we did the whole thing all over again, minus the dark [and the kissing] with Jen, who arrived yesterday!)


Elise Decker said...

oh, and this was like jackpot for me today when I saw that there were 3 new picture posts on here that i hadn't read!!!! it made me very happy.

Laura Waltz said...

I LOVE Kelly green! It is my favorite shade of green. If you aren't sure, you could always paint a little section on the wall and see how you feel about it for a week before you do the whole thing.

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