Friday, March 27, 2009

kitchen saga: finally!!!

When we bought the house in October 2007, the kitchen looked like this:

...and I had torn down the peeling white-on-white wallpaper and the heinous fruit border before I went to bed the night we moved in.

Then four months later we ripped out the tile. And a good chunk of the wall, so we learned how to put up drywall, insert drywall patches, and then re-mud the entire wall to match.

Then we painted it pink (2 coats of primer) and then red (another 3 coats). (Then since we were in the painting groove, we repainted the living room, study, foyer, nursery, and one of the bathrooms. Then we swore off the paint department for a loooong time.)

Then we installed a new faucet, which is pretty much the love of my life. Gooseneck and pull-down, plus Neil also installed a matching soap dispenser. Love that man.

And then we learned about some more about tile, except let me tell you this--it's not nearly as much fun putting it on as it is taking a hammer and whacking it out.

I think we did a pretty dang good job (by "we" I mostly mean "Neil," because I did a lot of hovering out of reach of toxic-to-the-baby fumes and giving annoying instructions like, "I think you're spreading the mastic too thinly," or "You need more grout," or "You missed a spot with the caulk." Fortunately, he was a really good sport).

And voila! The finished product (in garishly colored red---please forgive my poor little camera and its failing color sensitivity).


Elise Decker said...

that looks so good! i really like the tiling!!

Rachel Mae said...

Looks great! That's a ton of work.

Ruth said...

the tile is very pretty and so are the pink walls :)

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