Tuesday, March 03, 2009

like a little dash of summer

Today I was feeling a little gray and gloomy--a combination of feeling like a wimp at aerobics, since I'm having to scale back my level of exertion these days, shooting sciatic pains from the baby planted firmly against my spine (seriously, if you've never had sciatica, you have no idea how blessed you are. Misery! Incessant misery!), and just wanting it to be spring so that perhaps Juliet's nose faucet would turn to "off" or even "trickle." And trying to count how many more evenings it would be until I had some Neil time, which was a depressing exercise in itself.

So I made some hummus (go here for my [mom's] recipe). Light, airy, practically guilt-free swirls of lemon and garlic deliciousness--I lost count of how many carrots I polished off. Juliet gave up on the carrots and just went to town with her hands (and then later restyled her hair). Abigail (the Philistine!) demanded salad dressing instead.

And suddenly, the world looks happy again. The power of chickpeas! I think I'm going to go find myself a spoon.

ps--speaking of links, the other day I made this for dinner (and fell in love with the orange sauce against my red bowl). It was really good. Next time, I'm going to combine it with my regular tikki masala recipe and I think I'll have a real winner. Oh, and the original recipe says it's too spicy, so I cut the cayenne to 1 t., added in 1 t. of paprika, and it was pretty mild. For us, at least.


Ruth said...

eww...you mean cookie dough?

Rachael said...

you know, i always chuckle when I eat it thinking of that. it took me a good...seven or eight years to be able to get past that and like it!

Kritta22 said...

I'm sorry about that baby putting in all the wrong places! I hope baby shifts soon!!

I'm so glad you are finding a little good in simple things!

Mary Beth said...

Hey I made chicken tikka masala last night, too!

Except I couldn't get the pictures to turn out right. My camera kept thinking that orange = pale yellow.

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