Friday, March 06, 2009

oh joy!

another month and I'll have this view while I'm at the computer

Miscellaneous things that I'm happy about today:
  • new bedding on its way! (and much more economical than the Pottery Barn version)
  • I finished two more quilt squares on Wednesday (I suppose I should put up pictures one of these days)
  • we kidnapped Neil for an hour and held him hostage at Panda Express today
  • Juliet stuffed the front pocket of her overalls with toys--I find that so enchanting
  • a half-mile walk this morning where both kids happily walked/ran the entire time
  • a student telling me this morning I barely even look pregnant (perhaps not quite accurate, but I liked hearing it!)
  • today was the first day all semester where I didn't wear snowboots, gloves, and an ankle-length coat--I practically skipped the whole way to the bus stop (and I could actually see where I was walking, so too bad it's daylight savings time on Sunday).
  • discovering this website yesterday--I printed off about 200 pages this morning
  • finally figuring out where I can take a jar of dirt to have the garden soil tested
  • it's both warm enough and dry enough that we ran wild all over our swingset yesterday (and if it doesn't rain this afternoon, you bet we'll be out there again after naps today!)
  • a really big one: a successful phone interview yesterday (since the interviewer is based in the NYC office) resulting in the opportunity to do technical writing for my dad's company--very, very excited about this
  • my delightful, delightful, delightful little pair of children. They are so adorable these days with their expressive little faces and their funny sayings and their fascinating ways of looking at the world (although this doesn't quite include Abigail's detailed speculations on what part of the smashed roadside rabbit the carrion birds would eat first. her verdict? "the lips, 'cause they are nice and soft." um...okay).
  • we've pretty much decided on a name for this baby: Isaac David. I'm really happy with this--not only do I really like both names, but they're each family names for both of us.
  • our natural gas bill dropped $57 this month (finally! if that doesn't mean spring is on its way, I don't know what does!)
  • it's Friday! I get to see my husband again!
what are you excited about today?


Mary Beth said...

I'm excited that I was invited to join the Trial Advocacy Team!

Katrina said...

Isaac is a great name! I love that Isaac David is biblical too. I like bible names. Oh, I'm so excited you are having a boy!

Elise Decker said...

Things I'm excited for:
-that you had a cute, new post when I clicked to your blog
-that my ward is going tubing at Soldier Hollow tonight
-that tomorrow morning our ward is going to the Draper Temple Open House at 6:00 am
-That it will get permanently warm for the rest of the month after next week
-that I will have clean laundry after I do it tonight (same with cleaning my room)
-that you're having a baby

Meghan said...

I'm excited at how the Lord works in our lives to put us in a place where we can make a difference in someone else's life.

Rachel Mae said...

Tax returns! We did our taxes today and our financial situation is oh-so-much brighter now. I love the name too.

Erica said...

We too are feeling that wonderful little warm front across the midwest - love it!

And the name - that is the name I wanted if this baby was a boy. So if our next is boy don't be surprised if Isaac is what we end up with too! So of course - I love the name :)

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