Thursday, March 05, 2009

spring has sprung (i hope)

Abigail, since she hasn't been featured on here in awhile...

Today it's actually in the fifties--and blustery as a storybook March. Jules and I went for a longish walk this morning with our hair blowing wildly and delighted baby chortles coming from the front of the stroller. So of course, when we picked Abigail up later, the three of us took off again.
It was one of those interludes of sheer transcendent joy--watching both girls laughing delightedly, seeing Juliet vacillate between clutching my hand tightly and running into Abigail's arms, seeing Abigail run far ahead, turn around and run back, then crouch down and hold out her arms for Juliet to run into them. It was absolutely perfect to have all three of us together laughing in sheer joy and the delight of having a family and watching the world turn to spring again.

I love this time of year--it's so easy to be happy. I'm always so excited to plan out our summer, to delight in the idea of replanting the garden and trips to the orchards, to watch for the first tulips and daffodils (I planted masses last fall), and to dream about our new baby.

1 comment:

tricki_nicki said...

That sounds almost magical. I wish, I wish, I wish...

Nope, still raining. :(

Thanks for sharing, I loved imagining you guys out in the warmish wind!

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