Tuesday, March 31, 2009

trying to look on the sunny side

Today has not been particularly fun. I had a 7:15 A.M. dentist appointment, and I will tell you this--not only do my gums bleed a lot more in pregnancy, but they are a LOT more sensitive. Major ouch. Plus, even though I fell asleep at ten last night, I still feel really tired and I think I'm coming down with something. The lump in my leg is getting bigger (yes, Mom, I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow), and I am really having a hard time following the doctor's instructions to stay off my feet as much as possible. I never realized how busy I was until every movement ached (and unfortunately, sitting down isn't much better, seeing as how I almost passed out at the computer yesterday, and then Abigail thought I was dead when I sort of fell over onto the floor).
I don't want to whine too much (although I do want to whine a little because frankly I REALLY HURT! and I'd like to just get that out there). So...moving on to other unrelated things that are more pleasant, and that are getting written about primarily because I want to remember them and not because they really relate together at all. Nor, as you've probably gathered already, am I in a particularly lucid frame of mind today.

Today Jules and I sat on the couch together and read books for a loooooong time. It was so lovely cuddling up with her and trying to figure out a way to turn each page while she was simultaneously holding my hand. That child will drop just about anything if you promise to read her a story, and I love hearing her tiny little voice saying the words along with me. And rubbing her little warm head and fluffing up the curls.

Speaking of little babies that are rapidly turning into their own fascinating and complex people, I really loved planting the garden with the girls last night. We gave each of them their own packet of peas, and they each planted their own row (Juliet with a lot of direction--and a lot of yelling if the next hole wasn't quite ready for her; Abigail did her entire row all by herself). Juliet wandered off after the peas and spent the rest of the time digging holes and trying to uproot baby plants, but Abigail was absolutely fascinated with the whole process and carefully planted a whole army of onions. I don't know what she planted after that, because that was about the time we discovered that Abigail had set the bag of seeds (all the seeds for the entire garden) down in a puddle and all the packets had soaked through and we had the beginnings of a massive pile of wet mixed seeds. Not. Fun. Lots of little piles of sides all over the kitchen all night, and now we've got ice cube trays full of little baby seeds.
Abigail also had her preschool graduation today--I, of course, forgot my camera, but it was fun to watch nonetheless. One thing I thought was pretty cool is that she knows the entire Pledge of Allegiance--I think I was confused by that until well into first grade.
I really can't think of any way to end this post--too tired--and I promised myself I would only be on the computer for 15 minutes (and I still have more stuff to do) so I think I am done now. Off to run my March budget spreadsheets.


Crapos said...

How funny, I went to the dentist today too. And I'm so sorry about your leg. Just when you think you've got being pregnant figured out you get hit with something else.

Mary Beth said...

I'm praying for you, Rachael, and sending lots of psychic hugs. Wish I could come out and give you a hand (and a backrub). Can you take painkillers, or are those not okay for the baby? And can your visiting teachers/compassionate service committee help out?

Meghan said...

Hope you feel better and don't fall over any more. Call me after you see the doctor. And forgetting the camera for important things is one of our few family traditions. Singing Christmas Carols and forgetting the camera--that about sums it up.

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