Sunday, March 22, 2009

we likes math

what Abigail looks like first thing in the morning

Today when we were on a walk, Neil asked if I wanted the bunk bed that he's currently designing (any excuse to use CAD!) to have two levels or three. In the course of the conversation, Abigail decided to contribute her two cents:

"If we have another kid, that will be four. And another one after that will be five. And another one after that will be six. And then if we have six kids, we will need three bunk beds."

You should have seen the joy on Neil's face when he heard that little three-year-old voice pipe up with this. Another Mathlete in the making!! He smiled about it the whole way home.


Kayli said...

that picture of Abigail is SO awesome!

danielle said...

Oh that is a very cute picture! And I am sure you were beaming with pride! I think my child is a genius for being able to clap and stick out her tongue so I can only imagine what it will be like when she do something like math! Smart kiddo you've got!

Ruth said...

oh no...just let her do something else fun like MFHD. haha i will teach her debits and credits if you want.

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