Sunday, April 12, 2009


Yesterday we colored eggs as a family. We don't really celebrate Easter around here in the bunny-leaves-a-basket fashion (primarily because Neil and I decided we want to separate the religious holiday from the candy festival, although we do eat Peeps and deck the girls out in the gorgeous dresses their great-grandparents send), but oh boy, do we color eggs.

Abigail was absolutely fascinated and did all kinds of crayoned designs on the eggs before they were dipped. Juliet happily colored away, then smashed her eggs vigorously down on the table.

Abigail coolly informed Juliet that all of Juliet's eggs were destined to become "lunch eggs."

It was a really lovely morning. So nice to spend time together as a family (even if I did--literally--have to spend the ENTIRE rest of the day in bed to compensate). So wonderful to laugh with everyone again. Lovely to sit outside and watch them all run around, while I sat on a chair wrapped up in blankets and had time to notice all the little flowers poking up and rejoice in the fact that the daylilies and lemon thyme I transplanted last summer are alive and thriving.

And absolutely delightful to hear Juliet say things like, "Devil egg! Mmmm--yummy!" in her little baby voice.

What can I say? The kid loves deviled eggs.

Of course, poor Neil got stuck with all the cleanup all day long, since I could be up about long enough to help make a really good mess. After dinner I collapsed on the couch and left the poor guy alone with a kitchen full (like really, really, really full) of dishes and a very messy Juliet who required a bath before the dishes were even done, and Neil stopped at one point, looked at me, and said, "Don't ever die. Please, don't die and leave me alone with this."

Have I mentioned lately that husband of mine is my hero? The last couple of weeks have made me fall in love with him all over again.


Meghan said...

Cute kids. I also see purpose or maybe opportunity in the challenges you have had with this surgery in your recognition of what is most important to you.

Love you.

Crapos said...

We dyed Easter eggs yesterday too. And we didn't even spill any dye! I'm glad you're able to get up a bit and have fun again.

Meghan said...

Save some of those deviled eggs for damma!

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