Friday, April 24, 2009

productive with a vengeance

So far today I have...
  • taught two classes
  • graded oral presentations, memo reports, and blog postings
  • done laundry
  • picked up some clothes for the baby at a garage sale
  • gone on a walk/bike ride with the girls (Abigail rides her bike, I push Jules in the stroller)
  • switched over our homeowner's and auto insurance (word to the wise: Liberty Mutual is half the price of State Farm if you're a BYU alum), which entailed a LOT of phone time with insurance agents and our lender
  • double-checked on the baby's insurance--more time on the phone!! (relief: still covered under mine for 30 days after birth!)
  • purchased and programmed keyless entry for the van
  • double-checked everything for title transfer of the van with the DMV--phone again!

I've spent a loooong time on the phone today, but I'm making significant inroads on my "do before the baby comes" list!! In the next month, I'll have my quilt finished, the van registered, titled (and a new driver's license for me), and the rest of the dental work done. And then I can attend to all the gardening and canning and things like that come with the beginning of June...I'm relieved that it's naptime and that after naps we have nothing on the schedule other than a long lazy afternoon on the swingset.


Sarah Harward said...

I didn't know you got a van! Yeah for you! My life got A LOT easier when we got our van. It's amazing how easy it is to load kids into a van versus a car. I swear a van equals heaven for a mom!

Terrific Thomas' said...

Hey Rachael,

This is Kara Thomas and I wanted to let you know that we have a blog now. It's been awhile so I hope you aren't wondering who I am, but you were a great VT in Provo and I want to keep in touch. Our address is

Rachel Mae said...

I found my "to do before baby comes" list the other day in a pregnancy book and man was it long! And I don't think I got it done. Oh well.

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