Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I've done fifteen hours of editing in the last week. It doesn't sound like much until you think about cramming it into the few precious hours when the kids are asleep--and after a day packed full of our regular chores, swimming lessons, storytime, working in the garden, exercising, coloring, etc. And a week that has also included a temple trip, hosting the missionaries for dinner, preparing a lesson for Enrichment, making dinner for the homeless shelter, and watching far too many episodes of The Office after some friends loaned us the third and fourth season. Hence the lack of much activity in the blogging world.
Too bad Neil is playing basketball right now, 'cause right now I could really go for The Office, a couple of fresh peaches, and a foot rub (my poor damaged vascular system is not holding up to pregnancy well, despite all the surgical repairs).

But life goes on, and meanwhile I can laugh at Juliet eating peas right off the vine (she's the perfect height to walk up and start munching!), Neil's description of how they caught a spider in the lab and checked it out under a microscope to ascertain whether it was indeed a brown recluse (can't you just imagine all these focused doctoral students crowded around?), and Abigail's prayer to "please bless Mommy so it doesn't hurt her to bend over" (to pick up toys, presumably?) And being really, really, really grateful that we have an ingrained habit of reading stories every day, because those breaks on the couch are totally saving my aching joints. Relishing tiny little moments of joy like the ten minutes I spent with the kids stripping cilantro leaves off the stems. Something tiny and insignificant, but so heart-warming to see how eagerly they both volunteered to help and how diligently they worked.

These things are good.

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