Wednesday, August 19, 2009

back to work

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Today I took Juliet and Isaac to the doctor (Isaac is 12 lbs 1 oz, the little chunk!) for their well-baby checks and immunizations, took all three kids to the hospital and held Juliet down while they drew 5 cc's of blood for allergy testing (horrible, horrible, not fun at all with a sobbing two-year-old who is ever so trusting and doesn't even try to wiggle away, just sobs quietly and tells you "a big poke in my arm hurt so bad, Mommy!), walked three blocks through the rain back to our car, sat in traffic within sight of my house for twenty minutes while Isaac screamed and I generally went crazy thinking about everything I had to do when I got home.
Then I put on my new apron to make lunch and slice tomatoes for the dehydrator and I felt better. Don't you just love pretties? (I also have a new coconut-husk doormat striped in berry, amber, taupe, and brown that makes me smile every time I see it).


Elise Decker said...

couldn't think of a prettier name for brown? i bet your kids could come up with some goodies ;)

Meghan said...

Sorry about the blood draw! That is really, really hard when you feel they feel betrayed. But was it for ImmunoCap? I hope?

Mary Beth said...

Chocolate is a better name for brown, but then it makes you wonder if maybe the kids streaked melted chocolate on the rug...

I'm really, really glad you were able to get ImmunoCap testing for Juliet, even if the blood draw was so traumatic. Hopefully this will help you figure out her allergies and avoid more misery in the future.

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