Saturday, August 01, 2009

a la mary beth

isn't this boy darling? he weighs 10 lbs now. wow!!

so my little sister posted this entry this evening, which I thought was funny because I was already planning to write about a similar topic, and also funny because my mom called me today when she got home from the farmer's market, and we were making the exact same thing for lunch. I love having a family of foodies, and I am super excited for our mini-vacation with my family in another week or so, where half the day will probably be spent with everyone in the kitchen cooking up goodies. yummy! speaking of which we had the first sweet corn from our garden last night. Abigail was in heaven.

anyway. so today I decided I was just going to make all my favorites with all the yummy stuff from the garden, because Neil was home and I had more time to cook, plus an absolutely enormous pile of cucumbers, squash, zucchini, and tomatoes on the counter (although I'm surprised at how much cooking I've been able to do if I plan strategically around Isaac's needy time--friends brought dinner Mon, Tues, and Wed, and then I made Waldorf-style tuna wraps (great recipe but I substitute plain yogurt for the mayonnaise and Craisins for the currants) and watermelon salad on Thursday, and a freezer meal (rosemary-roasted chicken, zucchini, red potatoes, and carrots), fresh whole-wheat bread, and corn on the cob last night.

anyway, again. so today this is what we ate:

breakfast: whole-wheat pancakes with homemade blueberry syrup

warning: messy!

lunch: baguettes with garden bruschetta (roasted eggplant, tomatoes, basil, feta, garlic, and red onion), Brie, hummus, carrots, sliced beefsteak tomatoes (nothing compares to garden tomatoes!!), and the most perfect grapes ever. as we ate we agreed that yes indeed, we could be very happy living in France.

dinner: from-the-garden pesto pizza (pizzeria bianco's recipe for crust is the very best I have ever tried), topped with aged Parmesan and sliced beefsteak tomatoes, plus the rest of the grapes, garden cucumbers, hummus, and watermelon.

i'm kind of getting hungry again. also is it odd that I'm really proud of/pleased with my kids for liking Brie and hummus? (how many four-year-olds will just eat a hunk of Brie with gusto?)

and something else really exciting (to me at least!) when I started running again this week I wanted to take it pretty easy, since I have only run once since I had surgery (and then had to spend two days in bed while my abdominal ligaments recovered). so my plan was to take a few days off after Isaac was born, then start walking for exercise when he was a week old, then start running when he was two weeks old. I figured it would take me awhile to be able to run much, so I was doing the run three minutes, walk two minutes thing and planning to adjust the ratio every couple of runs. so I did that Monday and Wednesday of this week, skipped my run Friday (very bad day, starting out with Abigail yanking her curtains down first thing in the morning and pulling drywall down with them, which also meant it was too light in there for Juliet to nap easily, which meant that Jules was miserable and overtired the rest of the day), and then for my run today, I decided to just run as long as I could and see where I was at. and I ran for 31 minutes straight (and then Isaac was hungry, so I had to stop). I was so excited. granted, I only ran 2.6 miles and normally I'd be running a lot further in that amount of time, but hurray! I felt so great afterwards--I am SOO glad I can run again, because it makes the most enormous difference in how happy I am. endorphins, endorphins.
also running is good when you eat as much bread as I ate today. I love bread so much. I can give up meat, no problem, but I would have the most awful time giving up bread.
and now I'm going to bed.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You make us hungry! Delicious looking food! Thanks for the pizza dough recipe link! Very cute little people too! Glad to hear you are enjoying your running again. Have a fun mini-vacation! Love, Aunt Pam & Uncle Kevin

Meghan said...

So many choices--so few meals to plan...

Meghan said...

That pizza looks SO GOOD. Can you bring tomatoes when you come and we can make it?

We're going to go to the farmer's market when you come, too. So much fun! (And good food!)

Mary Beth said...

er, that last comment was me.

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