Friday, August 28, 2009

of updates

Juliet's hair: If you've known Juliet since she was born, you will realize how momentous this picture is. Many friends commented when they saw a newborn Isaac, "Wow, does he have more hair than Juliet does now?"
Cloth diapers: still really happy with our decision to switch. Even if you don't want to cloth diaper an older child, seriously consider it for a newborn. We put Isaac in cloth (prefolds and wraps) as soon as the cord stump fell off, and let me tell you, when you're changing 12-14 diapers a day, that 19 cents per diaper really adds up (and that's using Luvs, not even Huggies or Pampers). And the cloth really has been easy for him. The only thing is that he is growing SO fast--we bought the Thirsties One-Size adjustable wraps, and he went from using the smallest setting to the largest in about two weeks. Then again, he is also insanely big. We did buy 7 more bumGenius one-size diapers, which I really like because we can use them for either Isaac or Juliet. Those are also nice to have as he's starting to sleep for longer periods of time, since they "last" longer than the wraps (note: he definitely urinates a lot more than the girls, so this might not be an issue with another baby). And like many other people who cloth diaper, we have yet to see a blowout using the cloth (he will occasionally soak through his clothes when wearing the prefolds, but I am doing a LOT less diaper-leak laundry than I ever have before!!)

Work: I am doing a lot of editing right now. While the income is nice (especially considering things like the transmission, or the fact that the dentist we really like isn't on our insurance, etc.), it's been really hard for me to balance everything the last couple of weeks. Case in point: in the last 10 days I did over eighteen hours of editing, canned salsa, tomatoes, and peaches, froze peaches, beans, sun-dried tomatoes, and pesto, plus visiting teaching appointments, pediatrician visits for both Juliet and Isaac, my six-week checkup, a trip to the dentist, etc. And then I also had the regular housework and entertaining the kids--plus a six-week old baby. It has been really crazy and I've been really stressed. I'm glad it's the weekend now, and I'm glad that after next week things will calm down (first deadline for two editing projects, a visit to Juliet's ENT, a visit to the dermatologist to make sure I don't have skin cancer, and a couple more fillings at the dentist).

Kids: We've really been having a rough couple of months with Abigail. I don't want to go into it too much, but we've been working a LOT on obedience and truthfulness. It's really been hard for everyone concerned. Really, really, really hard. I have decided that I need to be praying for guidance a lot more, and she needs some other activities. So I signed her up for two days of preschool kind of last minute; I'm hoping that this gives us all a bit of a respite and allows her to be creatively challenged, since quite honestly I just don't have the time right now to sit down with her and do a lot of the fun learning activities I'd like to do. I went for a walk alone with her the other night after Juliet and Isaac were in bed and it was so nice.

Juliet is two and everything that entails. She is willful, enchanting, infuriating, and adorable. She has to do everything Abigail does. Sometimes it's funny, like when she'll backtrack on a walk to check out the same grass clump Abigail just kicked, and sometimes it's maddening, like when she jumps off the couch while I'm still busy reminding Abigail that we do not jump off the furniture. But mostly she's a doll, and she is talking SO much in such long sentences. She is incredibly affectionate this days with everyone; whenever I read stories to her she links her arm through mine and says "I misssssss you, Mommmmy," and we are forever finding Hippo Hippo or her dolly carefully wrapped up in a bumGenius and wearing one of Isaac's sleepers, carefully buckled into Isaac's carseat or swing, complete with blanket and pacifier. Fortunately she's just as loving with Isaac, and if Isaac is left in his swing or bouncy seat for a minute or two, Hippo Hippo generally makes an appearance next to him so "he not get sad, Mom."

Isaac is a doll. He sleeps well, is gaining weight like a little sumo wrestler, and every now and then gives us a rare and utterly adorable smile. He is the noisiest little baby possible and is constantly cracking us up with his sleepy "wuffle" noises.

Me. While I'd be happier if we had a more regular routine established right now, I feel really blessed right now. I'm looking forward to fall and the crisp days that brings; I'm glad that I'm energetic enough these days to flip through my cookbooks again and try new recipes. I really missed that the last couple months of pregnancy. I'm rejoicing in being able to run again and thinking about training for a half or full marathon; I'm thrilled about the yoga classes my parents gave me for my birthday. My head is bursting with projects to do around the house (for one, Neil and I are going to build the kids a dollhouse for Christmas! I am SOOO excited and I have all these visions of teeny little quilts and wallpaper samples), and I love that with the addition of Isaac, our family is feeling more complete. Not finished, but more complete.

and Neil--you'll have to ask him, since he always says things like, "I don't see how people can put all this personal stuff on a blog." But since I have to say something, I think that he is, in general, very lucky to be married to me. :-) And vice versa. We figured out the other day that we've been married for 80 months now. I always get a bit reminiscent this time of year, since this is when we met.


Elise Decker said...

i love this post!! i hope things start to go better with Abigail, and i love how adorable Juliet is, and is Isaac going to become a chunk-baby where all you see is fat rolls? you guys are such a cute family!

Anonymous said...

And I used to feel great satisfaction that none of my babies had ever had a yucky, stinky, worthless, diaper-rash-promoting cloth diaper ever used on them for anything other than to wipe up vomit.

My how things change, but then as I read about my willful, intelligent, loving grandchildren children I am pleased that some things are the same.

I love you, Neil and your delightful children.


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