Thursday, September 10, 2009

Isaac chunkerton

Look at me! I can outgrow a size per week. In this picture I am wearing a 3-6 month onesie. Pretty impressive, eh?

Juliet calls this my "hodgehigs shirt." Mommy thinks it's adorable, but I usually only wear it for an hour before I do my specialty: spitting up down the back of Mommy's shirts and onto the floor. Try catching that with a burp cloth!

After my sisters are in bed, Mommy likes to cuddle with me after I eat so we have some one-on-one time. I like to spend our special time either smiling, cooing, kicking my feet rapturously, or trying to eat Mommy's face. Then I go to bed and sleep for about six or seven hours before I want to eat again. Sometimes Mommy worries about whether I am getting enough to eat, since I only like to nurse for a few minutes. But I tell her to just scroll back up to that top picture again and relax.
"Other things" update by request: Abigail is still feverish and Juliet is taking a brief hiatus in potty-training (to relieve stress of all concerned, since she has been violently protesting today after much enthusiasm over the last three days--said protest took the form of Puddle Dancing (followed by dismayed sobbing after the novelty of the splashing waned and all that was left were wet Tinkerbell panties and very wet feet) in the kitchen while I was nursing, and after I had refused to give her "a bumGenius NOW, Mommy!" For the most part, she's doing well, so I'm hoping a day or two off will renew her enthusiasm later. And it will be REALLY nice to not be tied quite so closely to that singing toilet, and even nicer to be able to nurse Isaac without having to set him down halfway through to go hose off Juliet. And even nicer than that not to nurse sitting on the floor next to the toilet. And I suppose at this point I should say yes, I really am grateful to be a mother. One high point lately: Abigail's princess obsession shows signs of turning towards pioneers, and I am encouraging this in every way I know how. We've been reading Little House books in our Abigail-and-Mommy time, and last night we cleaned out the library's stock of pioneer picture books. On the crafting schedule: sewing a couple of sunbonnets and ruffly aprons).


Mary Beth said...

My goodness, he is adorable. I just want to cuddle with him!

Sorry to hear Abigail and Juliet are having it rough--a break for Jules sounds like a good idea; hopefully she'll get back into it with more excitement. (Are you bribing her?) And YAY for pioneers! Much better than princesses. You should get them a harmonica and tell them about Cowboy Bob and Fluffy. :D

Crapos said...

Good luck with the potty training. I hate potty training - probably because it didn't work with Sadie. Madoc hasn't shown any interest at all so we're good for awhile.

Ruth said...

The fabric still looks great on your couch! and you and Isaac look adorable!

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