Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Isaac update

The Isaac stats at ten weeks (since they didn't actually get us in on time for the 2-month visit last week):

14 lbs 12.2 oz
(96th percentile)

24.25 inches long (90th percentile)

Say it with me, people--that is one growing kid!!! The nurse measuring him told me, "Wow, this kid is going to be really tall," but the pediatrician commented later that a baby growing like this is just what they like to see--not too chubby or too skinny, but well-proportioned.

Except this well-proportioned baby looks to outgrow his carseat in another two or three months. Guess I better start shopping...

As a sidenote, have you ever noticed how male babies seem invariably to have lush hair, thick long eyelashes, and perfect lips? What's up with that?

Oh, I just love this guy's smiles and giggles.


Katrina said...

He is a doll! And you may find that the carseat lasts longer than you think it will right now. Asher grew so much, so fast and was in the 90th percentile until about 4-6 months and then he slowed way down. I thought for sure he was going to be 20 pound by 6 months at the rate he was going, but nope. He's just barely around 20 pounds now, even though he was almost 17 pounds at 4 months. But who knows... every baby is different!

Lindsey said...

Well I guess my baby breaks the mold: He certainly has the lush, long eyelashes and I think his little lips are adorable... but no hair! Poor kid. I keep thinking it'll start growing soon, but no such luck. At least he ISN'T a girl! Your Isaac is super handsome. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Mary Beth said...

Wow! Sometimes he is awake! *grin*

Also he is ADORABLE. I love that grin. Should we start taking bets on how tall is really tall?

Jennie said...

Wow Rachael, what a beautiful baby boy!

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