Tuesday, September 15, 2009

two months old (yesterday)

if today hasn't been such a great day, we've got the cure for you right here: a good cuddle with Isaac (whose latest nickname, bestowed by Abigail, is "Mr. Wiggles." Last month's was "Mini-Wheat," for no reason that I could divine).

oh...and with the cuddle package comes Curious George the Elephant.

and a side of Juliet tummy (notice the pink fingernails? she started those herself, to the dismay of my much-abused bedroom carpet).

just love this little man.


Meghan said...

Those look like pretty successful smiles! It's fun reading through the ups and downs of the posts for today. Moms with little kids have lots of high highs and low lows--all at rapid-fire rate! Sleep well tonight, kiddo.

Kayli said...

he is REALLY cute.

Mary Beth said...

I want to cuddle with Mr. Wiggles and Curious George! My GOSH that kid is cute.

Elise Decker said...

haha, Isaac has the same squint eye smile that you do!! :)

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