Monday, October 12, 2009

feelin' a bit Irish

On Friday night, Neil and I stayed up until about 1 am sanding down and priming an old wooden table that someone had given us two years ago. We've been working on removing all the stain, but finally realized that there was no way we'd get it out of all the crevices of the elaborately turned legs, so since we really need a bigger table we decided to just paint it.

Bright green (as ever, made more garish by the camera).

And apparently, Juliet had the same thought about herself when she woke up nice and early the next morning and thoughtfully decided to make herself breakfast rather than wake up her very tired parents. Sprinkles are awfully nutritious, right?

I have a gazillion pictures from this weekend--in addition to the table, we canned 21 quarts of applesauce and I have a huge vat of apple butter bubbling on the stove right now (no better smell exists!!). And we ate lots of yummy food and took fun walks and played board games. But posting is going to have to take a backseat to real life right now.
Hope your weekend was lovely!!


Elise said...

haha, juliet....did you scold her before or after you took the picture? :)

Anonymous said...

We picked Rosalind up from a corn maze at at orchard. I spoke with the owner who said that they have over 100 acres of apple trees. Also that this is the best apple harvest in over 100 years. There are so many that many growers can't get contracts with the buyers and that many tons of apples will fall off the trees.

I hope to make a dent and some apple butter myself.

Love you and man that is one ugly looking green table.

Meghan said...

Considering that the green you used is the same one we have on our outdoor table, I'd say the color on the monitor is a bit brighter than in real life. Where are you putting the table? I love that spray-on enamel--the coverage is smooth and seems thick. Sounds like a great project weekend!

Mary Beth said...

That picture of Juliet is just about the most adorable ever.

Also...I want to see that table in real life.

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