Wednesday, October 28, 2009

some free time

I have a couple of free hours today that I'd earmarked for work on finalizing a storyboard, but I still haven't gotten the needed materials back from the client, so I'm off the hook.

My house is strangely quiet. The girls are at a playdate and Isaac is napping. It's just me and my raisins & almonds sitting here at the computer with a big glass of water.

It's nice to have a few quiet hours. Today has been pretty calm (went for a run, read stories to Jules, picked up Abigail from preschool, came home and ate lunch, did some cleaning while the girls played with Play-Doh, did crafts with and read stories to Abigail while Juliet napped, etc.) After we dropped off the girls, Isaac and I went for a walk and I talked to him until he fell asleep, probably out of self-preservation. When we came home, I mixed up some bread and put some sweet potatoes in the oven for dinner (we'll add some peaches, edamame, and a big green salad to round things out). Then I spent half an hour looking up yoga sequences and putting together a routine that I can do in the mornings or evenings. After I get off the computer, I'm going to spend a few minutes reading through cookbooks looking for inspiration for next week's dinners. Let me just say this: I love not having anything to do and being able to do some of the "Gosh, wish I had time to..." things. Priceless.

Also, on a semi-related note, I really really really love yoga. A lot. Not as a workout that would replace running, but as a superb way to center myself and have some time of contemplation and connection with my body. As weird and New Age-y as that sounds, it's incredible (and after an hour and a half of yoga, corpse pose is like the best thing ever. Ever. Last night I was so relaxed I totally didn't know where I was when the instructor told us to start coming out of the pose). It's the perfect way to end crazy days and it always amazes me how something that can be fairly strenuous and taxing can be so soothing and relaxing at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Yoga is wonderful! I've been enjoying it for years. It is one of the best forms of meditation ever. I'm so glad you are getting the deep relaxation from it. I do Tai Chi also which really soothes the mind and body. There are some great DVDs available for when you don't have time for a class like during a long winter. Love, Aunt Pam

Meghan said...

So glad you're loving it! I really enjoy my Yoga Fit--I know it's not very pure yoga, but I feel physically taxed and emotionally calm.

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