Tuesday, October 20, 2009

tuesday update

1. Isaac is growing so fast that I have to spend an hour every other week sorting out his clothes. I will be glad when this slows down a bit. Sometimes I am amazed at how much he is growing considering the vast quantities he manages to spit up (really, I've never had a baby so determined to clear the contents of his stomach).

2. We were supposed to have the missionaries over tonight, but Juliet has a very runny nose and I woke up with a sore throat and a headache--so the missionaries are getting a pizza instead so we don't make them sick.

3. Abigail had her first Primary program this past Sunday. She ran around at home yelling her part at the top of her lungs (as did Juliet), but categorically refused to ever say it in a practice. So we bribed her with fruit snacks to say her part and sing all the songs. She belted out that part and sang the songs robustly, giving me a thumbs-up after every song.

4. Abigail and Juliet are really into playing Go Fish these days. All the time.

5. It's finally cold enough that the garden has died in the last couple of days. Last night I cut the last 10 butternut squash and Neil picked a huge bowl full of peppers. And the girls ate so many unripe tomatillos that I'm surprised they weren't sick afterwards (note: the tomatillo was not a success, as we never had enough warm weather for the 400 little tomatillos to ripen).

6. Abigail has decided she wants to be the Queen of the Night (from Mozart's The Magic Flute) for Halloween. Juliet is either going to be a pirate or Pocohantas.

7. We've decided to give my working at home (as an instructional designer) a try a few hours a week. So here is my new work schedule: 6 to 8 am. We'll see how it goes, but this morning at least it was really nice to be done with work early and not worry about having to do it during naptime or after the kids were in bed.

8. Last night we had family home evening about Joseph Smith. Whenever we asked a question, Abigail recited the pertinent D&C scripture story verbatim, right down to the inflection. Then she asked a whole bunch of questions that stumped me and I realized I need to prepare lessons way above where I think she's at, because that kid has things memorized backwards and forwards and is ready to dive into the whys and wherefores.

9. Speaking of Abigail, this is her half-birthday. I think we will have to have a little celebration of sorts this afternoon (although I'm tired and slightly dizzy enough that I may end up taking a nap...)

10. My mom sent me a French cookbook yesterday that is bigger than any book I currently own. I am really excited and I've already learned all sorts of things (like did you know you can make jam out of milk?)


Elise said...

I am excited to see Abigail's Queen of the Night Costume! I hope she sings some opera at every single door. :)

Elise said...

oh and also...the other day i was playing this board game with some friends that just asks random questions about yourself, and one of the questions said, "If you couldn't have your own parents raise you, who else would you want to be your parents?" And I thought about it forever and didn't really like thinking about it, but then i instantly realized who i would want to raise me if Mom and Dad couldn't---YOU! You and Neil are such great parents and I know that even when you have difficult days, you love being a mother so much and I can see how much you love your kids. You are an amazing mother and I love you so much. Thanks for being one of my best friends and for talking to me all the time :) I am really glad that Mom and Dad are my parents, but I am also so grateful that you are my big sister.

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