Friday, November 13, 2009

motherhood cartoon

so both my mom and my grandma have sent me this clip in the mail. I am amused. :-)

on that note, we've had a really fun morning: we've done nothing but eat chocolate-chip pumpkin muffins and play Legos. Mary Beth & Ruth, you'll be happy to know that our little Lego house is furnished with our specialties, including a piano!! long live the Lego furniture. Next up: I'll teach them how to make horses.


Ruth said...

what about a toilet?

Mary Beth said...

Last night I dreamed I was at your house playing with your kids. Isaac had learned to say my name.

Then I woke up and had to go to Administrative Law. What a let-down!

I hope you have enough black one-piece Legos for the horses' hooves...

Rachael said...

heck yes we are doing horse hooves. except Jooj keeps breaking her horses' legs off, and she had tears running down her face onto the carpet, so I had to make her an indestructable horse. it seriously looks like a tank.

ruth, we haven't made any toilets. I don't think we ever figured out a streamlined way to do that, and we don't have enough legos to build very big houses. so far, our houses just have table, chairs, stove, couch, bed, piano, and a tiny chair.

Malinda Crow said...

I love making lego houses! That's awesome!!!

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