Saturday, March 27, 2010

saturday morning running


This morning we went for a 9-mile run. It was absolutely idyllic. Our children were at their friends' house (we had their kids over for breakfast while they went running), and it was just Neil and I out in the brisk spring air. We ran all our favorite trails past the lakes and ponds and woods. Daffodils were blooming, the geese were honking, and I was with my favorite guy ever. It was so perfect--we talked the whole way, except the last mile or so when we were really picking up the pace (note: Neil paid me my second-favorite compliment ever--at one point around mile 8 I said, "Is this pace okay? Am I slowing you down?" and he said, "Nope--the opposite, in fact." Which was awesome for my self-esteem, since he's ten inches taller than me!) We both felt great afterward, probably due to our awesome carb-loading beforehand, which may or may not have included steel-cut oats, blueberries, and ground flax with a chaser of Ghiradelli double-fudge brownies.

We ended up running the 9 miles at about 9:30 a mile, including a couple of stretching stops (it was pretty cold and our muscles were tightening!) and another stop for energy gels and water. I was really happy with our time; we won't win any races, but I feel like we've made great improvements. It was a year ago on Saturday that I had abdominal surgery while I was 24 weeks pregnant; I am so grateful for the health I've enjoyed over the past year, and that my sweet little Isaac is safe and well and growing so happily.

On the docket for the rest of the day: first round of planting in the garden!

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