Thursday, May 13, 2010

garden week

We spent four hours yesterday digging in the muddy morass that's currently masquerading as our garden.  By the end, all of us were exhausted and filthy (I had mud up to my hips).  We planted twenty tomato plants (still 3 to go), rosemary, okra, brussels sprouts, and impatiens. 

Left to plant this week:
  • green onions
  • radishes
  • chard/kale (maybe a little more lettuce?)
  • bush beans
  • pole beans
  • summer squash
  • pumpkins
  • winter squash
  • corn
  • cucumbers
  • possibly another round of beets and turnips
We also need to begin hardening off the eggplant and peppers to plant in another week or two.  And for some reason the watermelon and cantalope seeds that we started inside never came up, so we need to decide if we want to replant or just not worry about it, since our original garden plan was larger (stupid electrical lines running right down the middle of our yard!)

I woke up this morning exhausted and aching.  It was a looooong day yesterday...beginning with a 5 mile run at 6 am that I don't think I would have done with such enthusiasm had I realized the mud-shoveling that lay in store that evening.  Plus our house was a mess afterwards because of all the mud that got tracked in, despite our best efforts (the kids ended up eating dinner in their underwear).

I think this post might console those of you who aren't gardening this least you don't find your ten-month-old son licking mud off trowels (it gave him a mud mustache). 

Really, I usually love working in the garden--I just dislike the mud.  It makes everything so much harder!  But those tomatoes pretty much HAD to get planted.  I am really really hoping (and praying) that they grow--I'm worried enough over this that I'm having trouble sleeping at night (is that dorky or what?)


aLi said...

not dorky!!! Tomatoes are VITAL! A key ingredient! I would worry, too!

Adrienne said...

just thought i'd let you know, having a powerline under your garden isn't that bad. we have one under ours and have dug down to see how deep and never found it. they are really deep. we have tilled over the thing multiple times. no problem.

Rachael said...

Adrienne, I'd love to go for it--but we've already cut our neighbor's cable line once! I'm paranoid about chancing it again...

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