Thursday, May 27, 2010

a lot of random pictures

I took some pictures of the garden this morning while I was cutting spinach and chives for breakfast (scrambled eggs).  Happily, it seems that only three or four tomatoes are outright dead; the others look like they may be recovering.  I was rejoicing during my run Wednesday morning that the weather has changed so it no longer feels like I'm slogging my way through warm soup for five miles (seriously, it was that bad at 6 am on Monday); presumably the garden is grateful too.  At the very least it's giving us tons of lettuce and radishes (the carrots in that picture were from the store; ours are still tiny babies).

The only question now is whether the peas or the broccoli are going to take over the world first; both are giving it their best shot.  The beans have started popping up; they're always my favorite thing to watch since they literally come up like they're on springs.  Nothing but dirt and then POP!  A bean!  Three inches tall with two leaves!  I love beans.

In other news, I started Isaac on a sippy cup with water a week ago, partially in preparation for upcoming vacations.  He's at the point now where he really fights nursing anywhere outside of his room in the rocking chair with his favorite blanket half over his head; hopefully this will forestall dehydration if he decides that vacation = too many things to look at = no interest in nursing any longer than 2 minutes.  He has taken to the cup with great enthusiasm and a corresponding increase in diaper changes (is this blog-worthy?  Um...after the fight I had to get Juliet to drink ANYTHING after she stopped nursing, heck yes it is!!)

The girls did my hair the other night.  I almost fell asleep.  It was so relaxing (plus they covered me up with a blanket and rubbed my back). 

Isaac, on the other hand, did not feel the same way.  At all.

Abigail drew this picture on Monday and asked me to post it on my blog (is that weird that she knows I have a blog?  And that I write about her?)  In any case, this picture is of a volcano about to erupt on a house.  Abigail is standing next to the house with a purse on her arm, getting ready to go out into her garden, which is planted with parsnips and a very big tomato (this is her description as dictated to me).

And speaking of Abigail, I love this photo of her:

And last but not least, we have been making fruit leather out of all our leftover fruity baby food (Isaac started refusing baby food way earlier than the girls; I don't think he was a fan of the mushy texture).  And I also discovered that Abigail LOVES baby food straight from the jar.  Good solution all around (I must admit, I'm rather partial to apples and blueberries myself!)


Meghan said...

Several of you took baby food in your lunches during middle school. Apricots, mostly. I thought it was great to have enough self confidence to pull out a jar of baby food and chow down.

Meghan said...

And both the garden and the salad look spectacular. Can we come visit you when you're eating fresh peas?

Rachael said...

Absolutely! They're starting to pod up...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful garden...and lovely compost. (Cute kids too).


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