Sunday, May 16, 2010

ma famille

Today is my sister Elise's twentieth birthday and my parents' 29th wedding anniversary.  Just in case you know my family in real life and you'd like a wee update, I thought I'd give one, since my family is doing some amazing things these days.

My dad just got back from a two-week business trip in San Francisco.  As he has for my entire life, he works incredibly hard to support his family and is inevitably the rock on which his employers rely.  At the end of the day, however, I have never for one second doubted that his family was more important to him than his work.  While he was in San Francisco this week, I got an email from his Blackberry with a shot of the street he was walking down and the message "Miss and love you all." 

My mom is totally my healthy-living inspiration. She has switched over to a vegan diet and does more yoga in a single week than I do in two months (let me tell you, my thighs are muscular from running, but they are NOTHING compared to my mom's!).  If I go for more than a day or two without just chatting with her, I feel like I'm in withdrawal.  She is one of my very best friends.  I love that with all her diverse interests and running her own business, she always makes me feel like she has all the time in the world to listen to me describe the frustrations and joys of my day.

My sister Mary Beth just finished her second year of law school.  In the brief couple of weeks before she began a prestigious internship with the state capital's district attorney's office (one of several such positions she was offered) and clerking for a nationally-respected judge, she took off to England and Scotland for several weeks.  I LOVED hearing about all her adventures and admire her so much for making up her mind to embark on such an adventurous trip!

Ruth, who is finishing her master's of accountancy, and her husband Jordan just announced that they will be moving to Hong Kong so he can open up the Asian offices for his company (no surprise if you know how awesome Jordan is, but really impressive when you consider that he just turned 24).   Is that cool or what?!  They also just got back from an awesome vacation to Taiwan (seriously, my family is giving me a massive case of wanderlust!).  They also finished out the semester with amazing GPAs (and Jordan won a golf tournament with some sweet prizes). 

Elise just concluded her sophomore year of college.  She'll be working this summer as an EFY counselor--and if you know anything about EFY counselors, you know that a) the hiring is extremely competitive and b) the people who work as counselors are absolutely amazing in every single facet you can think of.  One thing that I really love about Elise is how close we've grown since she's been in college.  When I left for BYU she was only eleven, so I didn't have all the childhood friendship with her that I did with Mary Beth and Ruth (although one of my very favorite things to do when Elise was a baby was to go get her after her nap, when she would snuggle down sleepily into my neck).  It's been really neat getting to know her as an adult and chatting with her so regularly.

Speaking of getting to know younger siblings, my little sister Rosalind is growing up to be absolutely delightful.  She's finishing her junior year of high school, and is apparently the only one in our family with any sort of aptitude for dancing, which she has embraced whole-heartedly--she was one of the featured dancers in her high school musical this spring, which is a really big deal.  She's coming on vacation with my little family this summer, and my girls could not possibly be more ecstatic (Aunt Rosalind!! for a week!!  the stars have fallen from the sky into their laps!!)

I feel so lucky to have sisters and parents who are doing such wonderful and exciting things with their lives.  As the oldest, it's so neat to watch these little tousle-headed tomato-stained people growing up into my best friends.  It's also incredible to look at my siblings and parents and see the huge effect the gospel has had in our lives--the faith that my family has in going forward has created amazing, wonderful, incredible opportunities and blessings beyond our comprehension.  And the best part?  I get to be with these people for eternity.  Forever.  No "until death do us part."  I am so grateful for that knowledge every single day of my life.


Meghan said...

It is wonderful to see you staying close (or getting closer) as adults. Nothing in my life brings me more joy than you and your sisters (and the little squirts at your house).

Elise said...

this is probably one of my favorite blog posts (except i look freaky in that picture) but i am so grateful that i am with you and the rest of our family for eternity!

Rachael said...

what?! I love that picture!!

Rachael said...

believe me, I could have found way weirder ones. what about you and the bloody deer leg?

Katrina said...

How fun to hear about everyone! And Meghan, You look great! Way to go on the healthy eating and such!

Elise said...

i never got to see the deer leg one!!!

Neil said...

I must admit I have great in-laws.

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