Wednesday, May 12, 2010

savoring the moment

Yesterday I paused for a moment as I was setting the table for dinner.  I looked around at my world.

Isaac sat on the floor in a square of sunlight, babbling to himself and looking through a pile of books. 

Abigail crouched on the grass outside, her face intent under the brim of her sunhat, hands busily digging a hole with the help of a trowel.  She's been digging "bunny traps" lately all over our yard, holes that she roofs with grass so any rabbits with an eye to our lettuces will fall in (she came up with this on her own).  The rope she made in Nauvoo lay next to her to aid in escorting any errant rabbits from the yard.

Juliet twirled gently in a swing next to Abigail, singing softly to herself.  As I do every day, I thought how grateful I was for Neil's efforts in fencing the yard and building the swingset.

My kitchen was full of the yeasty smell of rising dough.  Rosemary and carrots sizzled together on the stove, garlic roasted in the oven.  A tomato-scented breeze blew past the plants on the patio and in through the screen on the sliding glass doors. John Denver sang "Rocky Mountain High" from the stereo in the living room. 

It was a perfect moment. I stood there for a moment holding a sheaf of napkins in my hands, savoring the fact that this is my life.

Then Juliet fell off the swing, landed in Abigail's rabbit trap, and things were back to normal.  :-)


Neil said...

...and it rapidly changed from a bunny trap to a Joojer trap.

Dani said...

Love this post!

Meghan said...

Way to relish the moments! (re: Elder's Ballard's talk, April 2010).

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