Sunday, May 23, 2010

What we did yesterday, or, a post for my Uncle Kevin

Can you guess where we spent our day?

Would a few more pictures help?

That's right...we were here.
Since the Indy 500 is on Sunday, we'd kind of resigned ourselves to the fact that we'd never see it.  However, the Pole Day qualifications are NOT on Sunday.  Because of Neil's involvement with the electric vehicle racing here at the university, we were offered not only free tickets, but garage passes and suite passes. 

Pretty darn cool.

This is Danica Patrick getting into her car.  There were five women drivers there yesterday, which I thought was really neat. 

Also, it's very hard to take a picture of a car going 227 mph.

Probably the coolest thing about the whole experience is the NOISE.  The crazy, insane, loud noise.  You can hear it so far away--it totally starts your adrenaline surging.  As you get closer and closer to the stadium, it's just deafening.  And the cars are going so insanely fast that the Doppler effect is crazy--you literally hear just a little engine noise before the car is past, and then WHAM!!!  It's like a jet engine is sitting in your ear canal. 

We went over with some friends, who watched Abigail and Juliet for a couple of hours while we went into the university suite and Neil hobnobbed with all the people he was supposed to talk to.  Then we met up with the girls again and went into the Hall of Fame, where the girls found a pink car and their joy was complete.

Neil was in heaven--the girls got (several) very detailed explanation(s) of exactly How A Car Works.

I mostly just wanted to drive this home.

It was pretty neat to look inside the cars and see how they were designed specifically for the Indy race.  The tires were hardly worn at all on the outside, the engine and other components were all aligned along the left side, the headlights were stickers, etc. 

Some other cool things from the day:

Seeing crashes.  I know that sounds really horrible to say, but it's pretty cool to watch.  Neil and I just saw it on the TV; the girls actually saw it happen right in front of them.  Fortunately the drivers weren't injured at all (as far as I know), so the kids thought it was cool rather than scary.  What impressed me most about these was how much manuvuering the drivers were able to do after they had already started the crash.  Very skilled. 

Touring the garages--although you have to sign a comprehensive waiver form and you're not allowed in the garages unless you're over 18, it's cool to get a little bit of a "backstage" view of how things work. 

Of course, to put it all in perspective, I asked the kids later what their favorite part was (expecting to hear something like "seeing the pink car" or "when those cars crashed" or "getting to wear cool squooshy earplugs,") and Abigail tipped her head to one side, looked thoughtful, and then said, "the brownie that we ate at the place for Daddy's work."  And I said, "The brownie?"  and she said, "Yes, next time we can just stay home and make the brownies with nuts."

(although I must admit they were REALLY good brownies.  and I should know...I ate a lot of them.)

So there you have it--our day at the Indy 500 Pole Day.


Ruth said...

Juliet looks so sassy in the picture by the pink car! haha

Anonymous said...

For some reason my first post did not show up, but

Uncle Kevin Is PSYCHED!!!!!!

Glad that you got to live my childhood fantasy, happier it was you and the family rather than me alone.

Very impressed with the VIP treatment including brownies.

My fav pic, family feet on the yard of bricks.

Thank you for the call, the post and thinking of me.
Much love,
Uncle Kevin

Neil said...

I hope it fuels Abigail's dream to be a racecar driver, but I think that dream has taken a back seat to being a princess.

Meghan said...

Looks like fun! But it appears Neil needs to grow a goatee and a belly to really fit in with the people behind you in the family pic.

Rachael said...

Uncle Kevin: so glad you were home! I'd been planning that call for awhile. :-)

Mom: you're totally right--I didn't even notice.

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