Monday, June 14, 2010

Eleven months

Isaac had his fourth haircut a few weeks ago--the first one where I actually used clippers and did his entire head, rather than trimming up the ears, neck, and fluff on top.  It made him look so old--like he wasn't that round fluffy-headed little baby any more.

We can now follow Isaac around the house by simply looking for the path of destruction.  He's very inventive and is completely fascinated by opening and closing doors and dumping toys out of a bucket, then putting them back in, and starting the whole process over again.  He loves collapsing onto and rolling around on piles of pillows, looking at books, and--perhaps my favorite--if you growl at him, he will grin delightedly, growl right back, and crawl towards you as fast as possible (we use this to lure him from room to room--the girls will often play "tigers" with him and all three of them crawl around on the floor growling happily at each other).

He still prefers pears to any other food, gurgles with delight when we play on the swings, and is much beloved by his older sisters, despite his increasingly frequent attempts to crawl right over them, yank off their hairbows, or stand up using their faces as a handhold.  Then again, they dress him up as a princess, so I suppose it evens out in the end.

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Elise said...

wow. i seriously think he looks so much like you. especially the ears :)

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