Wednesday, June 23, 2010

vacation destination three: Palmyra, NY (Chimney Bluffs edition)

Our third stop was in Palmyra, NY.  Our campsite here was idyllic--right on the shores of Lake Ontario, beautiful and breezy.  (It got extremely breezy later on and extremely wet--to the point where we had to move our tent because we got back to our campsite after a day of rain and there were DUCKS running around in the huge lake that used to be our tent site...but we won't focus on that).
One of the reasons I picked our campsite was for its proximity to Chimney Bluffs state park.  We headed over there after dinner our first night and hiked along the bluff trail as the sun was beginning to descend.  It was beautiful.  The bluffs are formed by the erosion of glacial till (did you know I was a geology TA?  so this hike was really exciting to me...). 

And when I say "erosion," boy howdy, do I mean erosion.  All along the hike we could see where the trail used to be--but wasn't any more.  It was kind of exciting and not a little scary with three small children.  At one point Rosalind, who was carrying Abigail, slipped in the mud near the edge of the bluff and I had a huge jolt of adrenaline.

some pictures of the "awesome" trail...

In any case, it was beautiful--the waves lapping against the rocky beach and mounds of driftwood, the wind blowing through the aspens (aspens!!! here!!!  in New York!!), and the reddish-orange bluffs silhouetted against the water.  And the trail itself, was, as Rosalind put it, "not at all boring."  In addition to the erosion that made it literally skirt the edge of the bluff, there were huge mud pits, standing water, enormous tree roots, and fallen trees all over the place.  We hiked for just under two hours and it went very quickly--because that trail required constant attention, both eyes, and a keen awareness of the proximity of poison ivy!

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