Tuesday, July 06, 2010

girls' room

A few pictures of the girls' room.  The walls are painted a pale lavender (the only room in the house we didn't repaint!) 

We purchased the bed and headboard for a song from someone moving out of town.  The dresser was given to us by a friend; both pieces were well-used, clashing shades of brown, and covered with residue from countless stickers.  We painted them white and replaced the dresser hardware. 

The quilt is one that I made last summer, frantically finishing all the by-hand quilting (with a lot of help from Neil) about three days before Isaac was born.  Abigail picked out the colors and I was really happy with how it turned out--it's bright, but so fun. The flowers on the wall were from an Enrichment meeting about four years ago; the decorations were getting pulled down and thrown away so I asked if I could take some home. Now I wish I'd grabbed a few more.  :-)

The butterfly shadow boxes were a good-behavior chart.  The girls each have a box and they earned one butterfly for each day that they were more obedient than not (we kept track of the obedience all day with bean jars).  I bought the boxes and the Martha Stewart butterfly punch on sale at Michael's; the butterflies are all from scrapbook paper scraps generously given to me by a friend, since I don't scrapbook and have absolutely zero cute paper on hand.
You've probably seen these puffs a million times--they're from the Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Crafts.  The girls and I made them during Conference last April out of the tissue paper their great-grandparents had used to wrap their Easter dresses.  The girls were so enamored of them that the puffs were pretty battered by the time they were hung up. 

One of my favorite things about this room is the window treatments--we have gone through SO many versions of blinds and curtains that have gotten shredded, eaten, yanked down, destroyed, etc.  At one point the girls had ripped up the mini-blinds (while they were supposed to be sleeping), broken them into points, and were having a sword-fight.  Needless to say, I am extremely happy to report that these blinds, curtains, and rods are thus far intact.  And that's saying a lot!!

And there you have it.  Not the most creative or daring room, but it's bright, functional, and happy--and it worked with my (very minimalist!) decorating budget!  Things I'm still planning to do:  1) make a pennant banner out of the leftover bedspread fabric and 2) frame a bunch of my favorite illustrations for the walls (hello, Trina Schart Hyman!)


Meghan said...

Beautiful! What a bright, happy, cheerful room to live in. I've been eying some of our dressers in the girl's rooms since you painted that one. It really looks great.

Adriana said...

i think its adorable i love the quilt

Chad said...

Paige (3 years old yesterday) was watching as I read this entry and kept saying, "I want that bed! I want that bed!" That is a really nice quilt.

Jolena said...

I love the simplicity but cuteness of the decorating. Perfect for little girls! I so often see rooms decorated on blogs that I have no chance of achieving because they cost so much or are just too complex. I absolutely love the quilt and all the accessories that complement it.

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