Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday survival plan

After lunch when I was cleaning up the aftermath of an altercation between Juliet and Isaac over a slice of orange (the orange did not survive, and the pulp and juice of its violent death were spread all over my just-mopped kitchen floor), I thought about Thursdays.

I do not like Thursdays.

I like Mondays.  I like the beginning of a new week--I'm always full of energy and goals and plans. 
But by Thursday, I am worn down by the reality of the last few days.  There's still a full day to go until the weekend.  I have run out of fun, creative, exciting things to do with the kids--actually, it's more like I've run out of the energy to do them. 

Over the last year or so, I've developed three things that help me to survive Thursdays.  Want to hear more?

1) Playdate.  Every Thursday, without fail, my girls have a playdate with their friends Elise and Eva.  One week they're at our house, the next week they go to their friends' home.  The kids have been playing together since birth, and they are the best of friends--no fights, no arguments, no whining or complaining that they are bored.  It is bliss whether they are here or whether I have two hours to myself.

2) Four o'clock storytime at the library.  This takes care of that dreaded last hour before Daddy gets home--we are happily reading and crafting away at the library.  We come home with an enormous sack of books and the kids barely make it past the door before they're immersed in the pages.  Meanwhile, I set the table and put the finishing touches on dinner--Thursday is always a meal that was made in advance and requires less than ten minutes of hands-on right before we sit down.

3) Rachael's night out (as Neil calls it):  I go out once the kids are in bed.  By myself.  Sometimes I run errands, sometimes I go on a bike ride, sometimes I go to the library, sometimes I window-shop, sometimes I meet up with a friend. It really doesn't matter what I do, because by this point at the week I just need some time to pursue my own interests and do things sans my three musketeers.  And this fits the bill, and I return home refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to start again. 

So that's how I do Thursdays. 


Aubrey said...

i feel the same way about thursdays! i might have to bring some of those ideas into my own house. those are great ideas!

Jolena said...

Sounds like a great way to make the day go by faster. I'll have to remember that when I'm going crazy with kids. :)

Lindsey said...

Have we talked about this before? I have always hated Thursdays. In high school, when I finally got a car and drove myself, I never went to Seminary on Thursdays. It was just too hard to get my bum out of bed knowing I still had two full days to drag myself through.

My Thursday-dislike has continued into adulthood, unfortunately. I usually try to call a friend or email the RS Group to plan an activity for Thursday morning (like your Idea #1). That way, I have to get up and get moving instead of lazing around and taking my sweet time to get moving.

Thanks for your ideas for coping with Thursdays. I may adopt your Night Out idea (after I can stay up past my baby; this pregnancy is wearing me out!).

Neil said...


Laura said...

Rachael's night out sounds like pure genius.

Dani said...

I'm with you on the whole Thursday thing. I remember it being especially noticeable when I taught school. I like your plan for dealing with Thursdays. I just hit the pool with the kids instead of doing the dishes and cleaning bedrooms. My little Thursday fix.

Kristyn said...

I heard once that it is really, really helpful to know someone that has children slightly older than your own to get advice from on parenting and whatever else. It's nice to have a place to glean info from. So these tidbits will be filed away for future reference (since my husband doesn't come home from work at a decent hour - as in he will still be at his office for several hours still tonight!) Thanks for the advice.

Emily Juliet Ainian said...

I agree. Thursdays are hard; however, the prospect that the next day is Friday does offer a lot of hope! I was watching the Dr. Oz show this week and he said that Tuesday is the worst day of the week. Then as a remedy, he taught the studio audience and all his viewers a relaxing foot massage to help get rid of the stressful Tuesday-woes. Maybe you should use this foot massage for your Thursday-woes??? Just a thought... :) Love you Rachael!!

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