Friday, July 30, 2010

well that was depressing

This post was supposed to be about everything I did while my mom and my sister were here.  I uploaded all the photos I took with my new camera (thanks, Mom & Dad!) and all the pictures I took of my old camera.

I had pictures from my birthday, from all the canning we did, and from our first foray into cheesemaking.  I had all the pictures I've taken from the last month of all the things I've been planning for Foodie Friday (about seven posts' worth.  Including a cheesemaking tutorial).  I had a half-dozen really adorable shots of the kids.

All told, about a hundred pictures.

I uploaded them, edited them, and went to open them in Blogger.  Didn't show up.  So I restarted Firefox--still no luck.  I went back to the desktop, re-opened them, verified that they were there.  Tried to open them in Photobucket.  No luck.  Back to the desktop, and now they're gone.  Completely gone.  I have no idea where they are. 

Sometimes I hate technology. 

1 comment:

aLi said...

I am glad you found them. What a headache, though!!!
I have made a Caprese Salad with balsamic vinegar reduced down, and holy cow it WAS heavenly!!! I love that you make so many things!!! Zucchini relish?! Never heard of that, what do you do with it (aka. what do you put it on)?
My brother has a cooking website and he's been cooking on Good Things Utah. He just barely made the fresh mozzarella. His site is if you want to check out his version. Also I am a proud sister so I wanted to brag about my brother. :)
Oh and cute apron!!!

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