Tuesday, July 20, 2010

who knew?

So it's shaping up to be a really crazy week.  This is the last week before we start half-marathon training, so I am cramming in a ton of projects and organizing and temple trips and things like that.  Plus I agreed to do a three-day rush job editing a 140-page Ph.D. dissertation.  And the English department just called to ask me (for the second time) to teach a third section this fall (still debating that one). But here's the best part: 

On Monday after my run I went out to the garden to pick beans.  It was about seven AM, and I wanted to get the beans picked while it was still cool and breezy.  A cloud of gnats surrounded me, but I just brushed them away and went on with my picking.

When I went into the house later, I noticed that there was blood smeared all over my arms and legs.  The gnats had bitten me, apparently very enticed by the fact that I was sweaty from running.  It started to hurt.  Like really, really hurt.  Usually I don't care about mosquito bites (just slap a little magical After-Bite stick on and it's fine), but I very quickly begin to feel like my skin was on fire all over my body.

This is what I found out over the last two days:  I am allergic to gnat bites.  I was bitten twenty-four times.  Which means there are twenty-four circles all over my body, two inches in diameter, red, inflamed, and incredibly painful. My legs, which took the brunt of the gnat assault, are swollen and the skin is pulled taut.  I can't stand for anything to touch my skin--I've been doing a lot of gritted teeth while the kids are snuggling or Isaac is nursing.  Plus, I am dizzy, headachy, a little disoriented, drowsy, and totally doped up on antihistamines (sorry, Isaac, there goes your milk supply), and covered in any kind of topical remedy I can think of.  (The winner so far is a eucalyptus-peppermint concoction that my amazing pharmacist visiting teacher made for me). 

It is SO embarrassing.  I developed a systemic infection from GNAT BITES.  Seriously.  Is that lame or what?  Now I'm just crossing my fingers that it gets better on its own--I called my doctor today and they told me I should probably go in to urgent care.  For gnat bites.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the weak genes. I hope you got some compensating strengths and virtues also. I hope you feel better soon too.

Love you,

Rachael said...

Dad, I would probably feel a lot better if you guys come visit this weekend...please? :-)

Jen said...

Sorry. I'm allergic to most bug bites, so I feel your pain. Literally. Try crushing up an aspirin, mixing it with water to make a paste, and dabbing it on your bites. It should soothe the pain and take the swelling down a bit.

Meghan said...

So I'll be interested to see if you survived to morning (I'm assuming you didn't go to Urgent Care?).

I would feel more guilty about not visiting you if you weren't going to the temple this weekend. Have a great time, and we'll see you in a few days!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are better soon! That is terrible to be so allergic to something. Calamine lotion and Benedryl gel are very good for bug bites. You might need an antibiotic if it is systemic now. Hang in there. Love, Aunt Pam

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