Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A year of Isaac

My baby is one year old today.  This is the day he was born.  Isn't he beautiful?

While I was pregnant with Isaac, I heard (so many times!) that "the jump from two to three is the hardest."  What I didn't realize was that adding another baby was not just two plus one, it was exponentially harder.  And I'll be honest, this year has been really rough at times. 

At the same time, however, I have enjoyed this first year with Isaac so much more than the first year with either Abigail or Juliet.  I am more content in my role as a mother.  More confident in my choices.  More wise in my decisions.  More developed in my instincts.  I've been able to enjoy the doing a little more and focus a little less on the getting done, to paraphrase Anna Quindlen.  Despite all the health challenges Isaac has had, this has been a beautiful year.  I just feel that I've really been able to treasure his babyhood in a way that I was too young or too nervous or too unsure to do with the girls.  As a family, the addition of Isaac has meant that we have slowed down and turned inward and spent more time at home just being together (which is usually a good thing). 

one month old

two months old

three months old

four months old

 five months old

six months old

below: seven months old

above:  eight months old

below: nine months old

below: ten months old

above (thanks to Blogger's ridiculousness), eleven months & in the tub this Sunday morning

As I was choosing photos for this post, it struck me how happy-go-lucky he looks in almost every single shot I have of him.  He's such a happy baby.  We all adore him so much (although the girls are a little disappointed that he's now assertive about whether or not he will be dressed up in fairy wings.  Our new mantra:  "Isaac is a person, NOT A TOY!" Fortunately, while he no longer consents to play the roll of Littlest Fairy in the Wood (wood, never woods in their lexicon), he has very happily taken on the role of Aslan in their endless game of Narnia.  Hence the girls' emphasis that they are playing in a British wood rather than American woods.)

And as for me, every time I feel those determined little hands gripping the back of my knee while I'm at the stove, and I look down and see that little four-toothed grin, my heart turns over.  I truly cherish this small son of mine.  He is such a wonderful addition to our little family.


Meghan said...

I commented earlier, but it doesn't look like it took.

Isaac is a wonderful little guy. Adorable, fun, easy-going (at least I've heard he's easy-going--he was a bit stressed the last time I saw him). Thanks for coming to our family, buddy!

Mary Beth said...

He is so stinkin' adorable! And I love the British 'wood'--just make sure your kids can differentiate between British and American spellings before they take their first spelling tests, or they may go the way of Aunt Mary Beth and be incredibly frustrated that their fourth-grade teacher is illiterate...

Mary Beth said...

(Although to be honest, at least one of those times was my fault. The teacher told us to spell "borrow"; I'd just been reading The Fellowship of the Rings, had my mind very firmly in Middle-Earth, and spelled it "barrow".)

Anonymous said...

Happy Isaac's birthday and independence day to you both. We love you and are delighted that the two of you made it to our family. You sweetheart have brought such wonderful additions first Neil then your little-ones.

Here is to the next healthy 100 years! (Not improbable considering advances in medicine). Que le fete commence!

Love you,

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