Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bad, Worse, Worst

Bad: getting an email from the brand-new dept. head saying that course websites won't be available until August 1st.

Worse:  August 1st comes and goes; dept. head never responds to emails or phone calls, finally emails everyone to say they'll be ready by August 16th. 

Worst:  Frantically working every spare minute that children are asleep to finish course websites in five days before the semester begins.  Goal:  no working while kids are awake.  Goal is met.  I'm completely and utterly exhausted, but the courses are finished.  Students are emailed and begin registering.  THEN HE EMAILS AND SAYS THAT HE CRASHED THE SERVER AND THE COURSES ARE GONE.  At 2 pm on Saturday.  The semester starts Monday. 

I have gone through all the stages of grief in the last two hours.  Lots of denial, lots of tears.  And screaming.  And more sobbing (it is so. Much. Work.)

Now I'm frantically trying to cram in 30 hours of work into the next 7.  And rebuild two (very large) websites that I had lovingly perfected and tweaked, clicking on every link, checking every comma. 

In the words of Joseph Conrad:  "The horror!  The horror!"


Meghan said...

So sorry! No way to salvage anything?

Rachael said...

Nope, none. He managed to drop the entire course load for all the professional writing classes--it's like 50 websites or something. And the email just said, "many of you will be frustrated. I apologize for the time lost." Nothing about THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN BECAUSE WE ARE BACKING UP THE SERVER.

Rachel Mae said...

Oh my gosh. I can't believe that!! I hope he gets fired. That's close to the story about Steve Walker's car getting stolen with every copy of his finished MA thesis inside it. He started over on a new topic.

I'm so, so, so sorry. Hopefully it will be faster the second time around--not much consolation, I know.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that happened. Idiot man. Hang in there.

Love, Aunt Pam

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